Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just an Update - An Alpine Quake Likely - ... Talk about Scary!!

Spring and the blossom is here!
Hmm, its been a few days now, and almost 300 after shocks, and low and behold, an article in the paper tells us to expect a very large earthquake, centred in the alps, likely tomorrow. Gulp.
Dr Quigs Site - excellent info on whats happening here!

I did groceries this morning. It is funny how your perceptions change, we didnt grab our usuals, but instead, candles and matches, bottled water and regular supplies were the name of the game today! Ive stocked up, and tonight, in Survivalist Mode I go - Im packing bags to bug out, Just in Case...

Dallington Foot Bridge, twisted almost beyond recognition.    

Oh well, as weve been telling the kids,
Its All A Part Of the Experience

Stop the World Spinning,
I m getting Motion Sickness :)

Rocking and Rolling in Canterbury
Earth Butterfly & Co.,

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