Sunday, February 6, 2011

Feeling Hot! Hot! Hot! ...

So hot here today, in the late 30s. 
Everyone is remarking upon it, and some of us are hiding inside, trying to avoid a good dose of sunstroke or sunburn as the temperature soars.
And It is Sunday Again! So quickly the week went, and we are back to our own routines as if the holidays and Christmas were a month or so ago... Wait! It WAS a month or so ago!

Whodve thunk it?
Im waiting for the heat to subside overnight so I can become animated about the things I should really be doing, although I seem to have become quite soggy and not at my best :)

Off we trudged to the local swimming hole - a Christchurch Council pool in the garden park just around the road. It was GOOD. Apart from the pretty trees, the expansive green things, the flowers and the sweet scents, it was really nice to be out... We shared the pool with lots of other young children and their families, and I watched the boys and Miss 4 enjoy the shallow but goodly sized pool...

I wrote to Mr EB, who is away on the farm...
  *Well we went, we conquered and we are ALL wet.
Even me*... (which wasnt by design, but by the kids good management. I was on a hiding to nothing)...
On reflection, Arent people are funny, there were so many possibilities for the kids to make new friends at a local swimming pool, but apart from the very dark sunglasses that say NO because you cant see peoples eyes, today made me very aware of how people shield their kids from interactions with anyone they do not know, making the generation of up and coming kids possibly unable to socialize effectively, or even fearful of interaction. Meh. Im definitely guilty of it myself, but after today, and the looks the children got when trying to be friendly to others, Im more open now than ever to rectify this. I think Stranger Danger has got mixed up with the *I am* energy, topped off with Politically Correctness gone mad... Our kids are on a hiding to nothing :)
Hmm, so here I am. The children are in bed, but in no way asleep as it is still hot out there. Im praying for a slight cool breeze... The doors are open, and my delicious longhaired persian pussycat who has so many factors against her in this heat, is nowhere to be seen. Im picking she is somewhere safe under something dark and cool... her long black fur must be hotter than ever today!
Our other (new) black cat, Zander, has been spotted - lying stretched flat out on the concrete. He has short fur, and it doesnt seem to bother him as much. He doesnt go far, apart from loving food and being handfed, he also loves smooches and head rubs. He is very easy to find...
Well thats all that is happening here at present...
Im hoping youre all surviving the heat, I enjoy watching the peas and beans spring up with some water in the mornings and evenings.
How great is it, that they grow so much every day in this weather!!?

Zander the Soldier Cat
Happy Living,
Blessings and Love
From Our Hearth to Yours.

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  1. Hi Thanks for stopping by my blog, it is still so hot here at 7 o'clock at night, cheers Marie