Monday, February 28, 2011

On and Off, In and Out... Lots to do!

What a day!
Weve been in, cleaning and tidying and out getting lots of water for dishes, for floors, for cleaning bodies, doing washing and boiling boiling boiling. All water is to be boiled twice, as I have said previously, or 3 drops of bleach added, and sat for half an hour before use... Of course bleach is a commodity at present.
We had power, then we lost it. (LOL almost literally, it was almost too much!) 
Now we have it again, those wonderful people have been working so hard to restore our power city wide and oh the joy! It came back on late this afternoon and we are all so glad not to have to crank up the barbeques again!!! It is so much easier to cook inside on our ovens...
We had water but that had slowed to a very small trickle due to local leaks, and we have been carting water from the local school - very grateful to have it available though. It has become the *local watering hole* and we catch up with our outer neighbours, stopping to chat, to pass the time of day - its so nice to just to see people and realize that the absurd world we have at present is not just isolating us, but it is affecting us all equally, and we are all making the best of it...
I have to say, today, Ive worked myself silly to get on top of the dishes, some washing... all the small things... Im exhausted.  It just takes so long to do the normal tasks, but we are not complaining... We are alive. We are together, and we are coping Ok!
The children both needed a break, so went for a rest. And I think after all the cleaning up and the cooking, the carrying and the walking for water, for bread, to another place for milk etc. It all adds up. Im not the fittest. If this carries on, I ll be running marathons. Yay! ...

The Plans continue... 
Am planning in my mind, to get ready for Winter. A blessing came to us, by way of a friend who lives up the road. She spoke to friends who live in Blenheim, and they sent us some raincoats their children had grown out of. Im so thrilled. It makes things so much easier knowing we can prepare in advance for who knows what, but we will be ready... Now to gather some winter woolies - scarfves, gloves, hats, leg warmers and gumboots. Another LPG bottle, and perhaps a gas heater or a brazier... Warm blankets, socks, singlets.
We want to be ready just in case. Im hoping to help some of the other families in the street to prepare too. We spoke about it and there are some small things we can gather weekly, with the grocery shopping, so we will have things sorted.

Not much more to write today, but I ll be checking in later when Ive sorted some of the photos.
Hoping you and your loved ones are all safe.

Good things today - Sausages in bread, Fresh water to drink, the Monarch butterflies we have in the garden at present... Friends and neighbours returning from being away...
Not such good things - Toilets that dont flush, Piles of *free dirt* - the silt from the liquifaction, down every street... People who speed down our street, causing silt dust to settle throughout our homes and causing our littles to cough and wheeze...  We have a fine grey dust on everything in our home at the moment.  
Dust masks are a must if youre out and about!

PLEASE SLOW DOWN if youre travelling around Christchurch.
The silt is terrible - it stinks and is very fine...
Again, we really appreciate the help we are getting from everywhere - all over the world and around NZ too.
Youre Awesome!

 Love to you


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