Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Photos from last week .... Around Town, Clean Up, People Out and About

This is a retrospective post... Finally Ive got some more photos organized, and looking at them brings back memories of things I had perhaps forgotten from last week.
We had a look around as we tried to find a supermarket nearby that was open. It ended up that Barrington Mall was good - the queues were crazy. The roads are shocking but the main thoroughfares have been cleared and sorted so they can handle traffic. Throughout town there are pockets of really good, and then more of the really bad streets, where sewerage drains have burst, liquifaction is thick and damage is extensive to housing or cars... or both.
We went and got LPG... (four hour wait!) and the queue there was nuts... As was the queue for Petrol...
But it was also a way of meeting and connecting with people... hearing about how others were faring... a chance to offer help and assistance, or water, a hot shower, a meal, just an ear to listen... And we are all in the same boat, so it makes it easier knowing youre not alone.

Town was cordoned off immediately. Who would want to go through this? (see photo)

The NZ army was quickly joined by others, the Police, the Fire Brigade...Search and Rescue from all over the world. Surreal to see the big army tanks and vehicles on the roads... Exciting for the lads, not so much for us...
We have so much support from all over the country and the World helping with everything.
But even Soldiers need to eat... and they dont mind us chatting to them!


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Woodham Road

Woodham Road - Council Water Supply Sawhorse with five taps and free sausage sizzle!
Filling water bottles. Water needs to be boiled for three minutes, or up to five drops of bleach per litre of water and sat for 30 minutes.

Our liquifaction was removed yesterday. 
The man who drove the digger arrived early and spent an entire day just removing it from the sides of our street. Bless him! It was just so serendipidous that it happened yesterday.
Today has been horrendous for wind - the Canterbury Nor'wester which we are so well known for has been brutal. There are people using face masks everywhere whilst walking, biking or driving through the streets because of the dust storms. We are fortunate that our piles of silt are gone... It doesnt mean we are without the dust, but the majority of it is gone.
The fine grey dust sticks to everything - blows in the wind onto washing, into your house, sticks to the floor and gets into your hair... not nice. It is unhealthy for us all, but especially for asthmatics and the elderly too of course, causing coughing and sneezing... sticky noses and eyes. It kept us inside much of today which was hard on the kids who like being outside, but honestly, it was so hot and dusty, it was easier for us to get some rest, so we had a nap... 
No mail here yet, but the NZ posties are out and about again!
 Some places around town are worse for wear... some photos - 

Pages Road - high tide and broken pipes

Holes! Everywhere!

Broken cell phone tower

Taking air conditioning to a whole new level.
Another Tank/Cannon. Pretty amazing!

Our awesome fire brigade!
And for now, thats it... we havent been out too much, as all unessential travel is frowned upon of course, and the silt/dust storms are making it difficult for everyone out and about. It is nice to have some of our neighbours home again.... Im missing my friend who has left the city for a break... *waves* Hurry home safely!
Thanks to all those who are donating to the Christchurch Relief Fund.
Thanks to all those who have given food, clothing and shoes, and books and toys....
We appreciate it all, the help and assistance especially!

Love and Light
E Butterfly

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