Thursday, July 7, 2011

Worming Our Way...

Theres nothing like a bit of physical stuff in the Garden.
I moved half a tonne (seemed like it) of compost today. Gooey, brown, luscious composted stuff.
After all that, Im not entirely pleased with the outcome. Ive got some work to do on the design of the new bin, but for now this will do until the bin is ready...
An unusual sky today, but the birds sat up in the trees and serenaded me, which usually is beautiful.
One in particular today was very loud. A thrush maybe, but its call sounded like it was berating me - Youre A Geek, Youre A Geek!.... Youre A Geek - Nincompoop.
Seriously - I asked Mr 11 what he thought, but he just looked at me strangely and asked me if Id been outside too long... The fresh air got to me, maybe?

By the time Ive jumped all this down, it cant be seen from the top...

In my quest to tidy up that corner, the straggly plum tree thing with the nasty thorny bits has gone.
My hands bear the scars, but thats ok. Im thinking I need a garden plan though so I can do things in stages.

And, the best part of moving the compost was finding small pockets of compost full of big fat juicy worms!
A real surprise, and a delight to the little Miss 4 who is curious about everything that creeps --- she is keen on worms now that she knows they dont have teeth. However, we arent too keen if they do the wiggly thing when she picks them up. That meant a loud scream in Mommys ear.

Very brave though, she was. Oh that sounds like Yoda from Starwars...

And with that, and the piles of *Spaghetti roots* we dug out today (Convulvulus roots throughout the compost!)

Im out of here ...

Happy Gardening!!

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  1. I'm another fan of compost worms! Where would we gardeners be without them?? Great to see your blog on Blotanical, by the way.