Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Benefits of Spring!!

Have had a pretty good day today, despite it being the 27th - the prophecy for the End of Christchurch is tomorrow apparently, so Im making a blog post just in case I get caught up handing The End of My World As I Know It and dont get a chance...
It is GORGEOUS weather in Christchurch at the moment - fresh crisp frosts in the mornings giving way to high blue skies, and if there are clouds, they dont dare stay long so the sun is making his presence well known. I love Spring!
Unfortunately the children have both seccumbed to their big brothers virus, and have sore throats, so we bundled along the river bank this morning to make our way to the Park. Woodham Park is looking its best at the moment. Love love love it.
We found our good friend The Dog there. He loves Blaise, and always finds a stick so Blaise will throw it for him. It did the kids good to get out in the fresh air, and the sun is a good healer.

All the bulbs are starting to show their gorgeous faces, and the blossom is a reminder of all the good things in the world.

Our seedlings inside are growing slowly, but steadily. Tomatoes are almost ready to be put out to harden off so they can be planted next month.  I cant wait to have my own tomatoes growing again!
Well thats it for now. Photos to add today...

Love to All,
especially those in Auckland :-)
E Butterfly

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