Thursday, September 22, 2011

Berry Beautiful and Other Stuff

Has been one of those fortnights.
Time flew, and before I know it, all the bills are due at once, not good management on my part, but meh. These things happen - its called Life.
Trying to plan for the extras and the imponderables is impossible these days, money is tight, and energy is low.
BUT! Theres always something good around the corner, and ... we have berries.
I happened upon a person who was shifting out of his house, and he in passing, mentioned his garden. We got talking, as keen green garden-loving people do, and we discovered we both had a love of self-sufficiency and all that stuff. He took me to show me his plants. Yes he did. His PLANTS!
He sold me some berry plants and made my week!
I need to get the camera out, but ... the garden has grown immensely just recently. Soon I hope the frosts will be a thing of the past, and I can get out there with my tomato seedlings. Yay!
I have radishes, carrots, silverbeet & chard, onions, garlic, shallots (that might be dead!) parsley, thyme, 2 echinacea plants, some coriander or chervil? I must look again... and a lemon tree, easy peasy peas, scarlet runner beans, borlotti beans, and and and the berries - 4 black currants, 1 boysenberry, 1 raspberry cane, a gooseberry and a red currant. Yay!
So we are heading towards a crop of goodness there... I received some Honey and Pearl corn seeds this morning. I aim to have a good crop there hopefully, I think I am going to need more than 30 seeds however, seeing Miss 5 loves corn, and Im picking the birds might too?

So see, we are down (a little!) but not out, and certainly things are progressing, despite being cash-poor!
Time for a garage sale, a bit of a tidy up inside... Hoo-eeyy! I dont WANT to stay indoors to tidy and clean.
I want to be outside in the dirt and the compost amongst my plants.

Loving the Garden Life.
Hope youre getting along nicely in your Garden... and Your Life too!
Love to All


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