Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thats the Last Time I... Early Hosing... Garden Report!

Thats the Last Time I...
How many times do we say that? And usually its NOT the last time, for whatever it is.
This morning, my first thoughts were...
Whats that noise? Why am I awake? Is it morning already?...

...Thats the Last Time I sleep with the window open!
I bounced out of bed when I realized it was light. I could hear little birds singing their hearts out, so I decided it must be a respectful hour. I had been woken initially by next doors shower, their gas heats the hot water, and when it starts is makes quite a racket... Not that I had noticed before today.
So, up I get.
Greeted by a purry furry cat who wants fed. Nuzzling. But not friendly nuzzling, insistent. I want FOOD Skin-Mother. Food, not cuddles.
My life is easier if I feed the four of them first, so out I go. Cat meat in hand, Cats in tow, and just out the door when an aftershock hits. Gulp. Cats Scatter - no, theyre gone, various directions. It was a bit rocky, but nothing specially big, just a rude awakening to someone who has cat meat all over their hands and is barely awake, a 3.9, centred somewhere in North Brighton, poor Buggers!

Old Soldier Cat
 So. Its watering day. Hose in hand, I make my way through the garden, sprinkling water...
Hmm, pink morning sky, big clouds, easing into golden sunlight and still more big clouds. Then its just greyish dullness, but it gives the impression its going to clear because it is still very warm. Odd for early morning, but great stuff for the task at hand. Exit Jacket. Shorts on. Coffee in one hand, hose in the other. Great Stuff!

I start realizing things... Its very warm, light and rather pleasant. But very quiet for a Wednesday morning. Its Rubbish day, and maybe the rubbish trucks are late? ... Keep watering. Sip of Coffee.
Along one neighbours fence... watering my wee heart out, no noise from them. Hmm, he will be late for work... Other side... Hang on. I wonder...
I wonder what time it is? Gulp. Maybe Im up too early? ... Rubbish trucks are usually here at six.
So I wander back in, feeling very sheepish. Check children, still fast asleep, tucked up all nice and warm.
No movement at all since I looked earlier.
Turn computer on. Note to self - GET A WATCH
It was five thirty. And I had been up for almost an hour.
I can hear the neighbours now, over their porridge or their oat bran, or their Kornies...
Did that crazy woman next door wake you up with her hosing early this morning?
Did you hear her??
- Whats WITH that?
Sorry folks.

Garden Report this morning - MUST WEED LOTS. I have a need to Weed before the weeds breed...
(No? Sounded better in my head!)
This morning my pumpkins have four flowers, three have big bottoms - thats pumpkins-in-the-making right - Im hopeful?
Theyre trailing madly along the pathway now, which is great. Just what I wanted. Theyre Winter Pie, and I hope theyre going to be giving us enough to store for a bit. We love the idea of Pumpkin soup using our own Pumpkins. Also we have a Red Warren plant under my window... Ive mulched him, the smell of the rat is putrid, but once mulched I cant smell it Thank God! Let him rot, and do his job. Feed my Pumpkin!
We have many poppies out today, I didnt count. Miss 5 and I were looking last night and seeing what would be out today, to see if we could guess who would show their heads today. We counted 11...

Our beautiful rhubarb just keeps growing and growing. It is amazing. We cut some off last week, and have three plants. As soon as one gives us a load of yum, the others get into gear, and we are set for more.
Ive stewed it, but unfortunately the children arent as fond of it as I am.
Weve had several handfuls of raspberries. That truly has to be The Taste of Summer, a fresh raspberry!

Well enough of me... I guess its time to go and hunt some breakfast and decide what today will bring. Im sad it is Wednesday already. The days I have the children home from school are so quickly passing by.

Love to You and Yours,
Hope you are Happily Gearing up for the New Year

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