Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Boy - HIS blog... Introducing Entering The Ring...

Hi Folks...

Im writing today, in the hope youll drop by to check out my sons new blog.
Its called ENTERING THE RING, and he is blogging so he can express how he feels about life in Christchurch, write some book reviews, (hes an avid reader), and lots more.
His blog begins with his autobiography, which he has done for part of his school homework... So please, if you get a chance, pop across to his blog and have a read. He has LOTS of photos to come, and hes an entertaining chap mostly *grin*... Ok, Im probably quite biased...But he really will appreciate your taking the time to have a look!

Weve all got a rather nasty sneezy, snotty cold at the moment. It knocked us all for a six this weekend, but Im picking the worst is over for Mr 11 and he will be back into it tomorrow. Miss 5 slept for almost sixteen hours, and woke blocked up, so here we go again. Its a strange time of year to get sick, no?

Weird Weather
Weve had the weirdest weather in the past few days. Hot sun and singing cicadas, through to scared birds and very rumbly thunder and rain... Its a crazy Summer weve had, if thats it all over with. I sure hope not :)
The tomatoes are starting to colour up, slowly. We have big ones that are just starting to turn, so fingers xed we have enough warm days left to get them all through...

Weekend -We went to the Botanic Gardens to see the new Memorial Gardens and The Festival of Flowers that is on at the moment. Beautiful! We went on to the museum, and they have some awesome displays. Theres the Wearable Arts display which is gorgeous. Exquisite details that you just dont get to view from seeing the awards on TV. The intricate details and the colours and textures are amazing. Of course the touch screen monitors draw the children to them, as they are totally interactive and the interviews about what inspired the designers is really cool!!

Then theres the Christchurch Earthquake display. Wow. We were blown away by the coverage. Everything. From the dear old battered spire of the Christchurch cathedral that lies in state as you walk in, to the shoes that the Rescue Dogs wear, the boots that the Search guys wear, and everything in between. Theres a toilet bike (yes, really!) and so much info about the whys, the wheres, and the hows. There are again, touch screen monitors which allow access to lots of footage that wasnt seen, the Forensic examiner talks about their difficulties and findings, there are videos of when the eq happened, there is Police Comms coverage that you can listen to. All in all, we were really quite impressed... And rather subdued when we left...

The thing that helped us *Happy Up* was seeing the kids in the butterfly house. The ladies there are awesome, helping both kids hold monarch butterflies... Awesome. Our kids know the importance of butterflies, and they hold them in some reverance, knowing they need to be gentle with them, and they always comment when they see them... Here theres a room you can go in and watch the butterflies as they do their *thing*... Theyre raising awareness of the butterflies, which is so very cool... Youll find more information about them in the link below

Out In The Garden...
Planting Winter crops like brassicas, more carrots and onion, we have a large group of cabbage and brocolli. I havent planted caulis because I know our dear Miss B from along the road has them covered, so we will swap. I have lettuces planned too, and I must remember to re sow the carrots and onions in a few weeks so we have continuous sowing before it gets too cold...

Raspberries that were cut back have gone mad. Suckers everywhere, some of which Im going to pot up to sell... That was always the intention, and we have many bushes now. Awesome. Some are Autumn fruiters, so it evens things out nicely. The tansy buttons look great, by way of companions to the raspberries, but they need to be kept an eye on as they grow so quick...

Well more from me when I get to lend a camera. I must buy myself one... I just dont seem to have any luck with them lasting more than six months, for some reason.

Love to All,
Keep Smiling
PS Please... take a look
ENTERING THE RING by Taurus Hunter

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