Sunday, February 19, 2012

Supersized Sunday - Fishin' for the Family - Goodbyes & Mondays always get me...


The Lady Avon

Avon River -
Gloucester/Gayhurst Bridge, Dallington
  This was an awesome Sunday, better than most!
We ate a hearty breakfast ( see the review in my last post!), cleaned and tidied.
Big Bro arrived, and the kids were set.
It became apparent, it has been a while since we were all together under the same roof.
We are so good as a family, I love it when it all works, and the kids are all home together, happy. It is so rare these days. The older teens have lives of their own... and I miss them, but not half as much as the younger two children do...
So there we all were, having some fun, the light banter and teasing, the cheekiness, the laughter. Oh the humour. Well... that of it which I can understand and relate to... some of it horrifies me, other parts make me laugh til I have tears. Happy Tears! I actually enjoy them, and I like the young men theyre becoming, for the most part.

One thing as Ive said before is, we enjoy  fishing.
It makes it so much better when we are all together, but really we all just go to support the one of us who really knows what he is doing. The others of us are enthusiastic, but Gord (nearly 16) is a Pro. He knows Fishing inside out.  He lives huntin'- fishin'- guns and tackle etc.
We smile at his knowledge and his patience with us less proficient fisher people. His instincts are right on track, and he knows his stuff. He ties all the knots, knows which fish is what, and how to get them into the bucket...

So its fair to say, we dont mind cos he caught the most today and the rest of us just enjoyed being there, in the fresh air, cool though it was. Blaise, Dee and I all caught three apiece... yee-haa!

Yellow-eyed Mullet/Herring
What topped the day off nicely (apparently) was Gord catching an eel. A long-finned eel that Duncan stripped, gutted and cooked. All of them love eel once it is baked with salt, oil and lemon juice...

I guess I shouldnt brag, but Im so proud. My boys are all learning GOOD SKILLS that will tide them over, should TEOTWAWKI come. (The End Of The World As We Know It - Native American believe this will be The Event, or Change to come)

Eel prep
Goodbyes after dinner is never fun.  The wee girl sobs, the big guy gets sober and sad, and really it isnt a nice feeling for them to say Good bye to their big brothers. They love them. I love them. I wonder sometimes about where we fit in their lives now theyre bigger, but today left me with no doubt. We fit. We matter. They are part of us, and we are part of them... Aww, heck.

Mums the short one now!


Duncan and Arlais

The Lazy As

So, then there were the obligatory photos.
And now it is quiet.  Monday is right around the clock.
I do wonder, and dare I ask... What will this week bring?

Heres hoping your weekend was relaxing, peaceful and Memory-tastic!
Love from My Heart to Your Hearth

E Butterfly

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