Monday, March 5, 2012

All the Mod Cons... Twitter & The Earth Butterflies!

Here it is...
Twitter can now come to you from the Earth Butterfly Dimension. See that black box on the side there? Im new to all this technology, and I hope I can do it justice...
And we have Broadband now, which is another real revelation.
I dont know myself at the moment and boy I have learnt many new things in the past few hours.
We have watched videos from music to comedy, to annoying oranges, Interpretative Dance, to cute kittens and five headed snakes. Yes, all on You-tube. Amaaazing eh?
My favourite... Please watch it below...
Thank You to Hora-Hora School for their Coin Trail for Canterbury,  Aryan and Jorose for their beautiful voices singing the sound track singing Cold Plays *Fix You*... <3 <3 <3

Thats me for now, just a quick post for today...
Love to All,
E Butterfly

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