Sunday, April 22, 2012

School Holidays, Illness... Sometimes Life gets in the way!

The realities of life have hit home over the past two weeks. Im sorry but I havent been at my best, and so my blog, and my Garden, (and the housework!) have suffered.
Long story short, Illness... School Holidays, and lots of frustrating events have been at the top of our list.
My nearly-16 yr old has just had two major surgeries, coming through eventually, with a lot of ongoing work to do. Septic Arthritus - very unpleasant and painful for him. Very worrying for his parents/caregivers... But hes strong and is doing very well. So proud of him, and so glad his Dad cares for him as well as he has done... Without his Dad to tend to him and cheer him on, he would have not made such a successful recovery. Sometimes Boys need their Dads, eh?

We sat at home after visiting at the hospital, full of the flu, and then ... Tummy bugs. Yeah. Ask me how I love them... Not at all!
BUT the upshot is, we are finally over these school holidays... and we are all feeling better.

And! The weather has been perfect, though weve not enjoyed it much, having to be close to indoors. Not a sign of frost (she says knowing itll happen now!?) I even have broccoli tucking its wee heads up. Yum!! Still have tomatoes, in fact, theyre STILL FLOWERING... hear that? HERE in the cool mountain/temperate zone, we have FLOWERING TOMATOES... AWESOME!!!!! (Ok, Im excited) The grapes havent come to much, but my grape cuttings are good and strong. I have some grapes from someone in Blenheim, and Ive decided to see if I can grow them from seed... Theyre very seedy, but the taste is a real sweet zing!

Just a Shout-Out before I forget -
Im so glad we have such a wonderful bunch of people - nurses, doctors, specialists, physiotherapists, the lot - at Christchurch hospital.
Thank You!
All of you, for taking such good care of our lad, but the caring work you do is so thorough and awesome! Im so grateful. It has been a step out of my usual comfort zone knowing I cant be the one to care for one of my own. Thats what Im supposed to do as a Mom right? Scary when you have to let go ... and let someone else pick up where you cannot help! These people just care with thought and foresight.

Have been remiss in letting the Garden grow weedy and yuk. I guess time will tell if I can motivate myself back into it. I really feel like I just want to let it lawn over. I wont. But I feel like I lack the energy at the moment to get organized... I just need to get properly over the bugs first, I think.

So, there we go.
Im STILL here, just a bit bashed about. We are resilient, we battle on.
My Littles are amazing people... And I love them so for the way they follow me wherever I go...Their serious thoughts about situations make me smile, frown, and have me sometimes in tears, with laughter or sadness... but theyre still awesome wee people!

Take care,
Keep warm, safe, dry, healthy...
You, and Yours,

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