Sunday, May 20, 2012

Girly Gardening... PINK! Ulluco...

Have had limited success with our ulluco. Aka Peruvian Yams or bifurcated carrots. 
Not as big as I had thought they might be, but after reading, I know why. Theyre gross feeders, and obviously theyve been on a bit of a diet of late, as I have not been in the garden at all.
In fact, at present, I am almost hoping it turns to grass in my abscence :)

These are a cheerful wee plant. They look like and taste like spinach from the tops...
Underneath, theres a fistful of wee balls... Very girly pink and gorgeous deep yellow. Next years crop will be better... after all, Im just learning.

Hope all is well,
E BUTTERFLY in Winter Mode!

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