Monday, June 11, 2012

Long Shaking Nights, Cold days...

Have just been out, on my way inside, to check on the plants.
Have suffered no losses so far, thanks to the shelter.
Early days tho.  I see the strawberries have taken off, dancing across the garden and digging in whereever they like. Some even have flowers which makes me kind of keen to nurture them, strawberries in winter sounds awesome! I bet the birds think so too, and quite frankly, they need them more than we do.

Its been very cold today, another sign of impending doom (lol) theres obviously more where that came from and Im not sure Im a winter person. I feel sorry for the school kids with shorts on :(
We had a shaky night - just one, but close, and rather sharp and shallow, which meant I had a small person by my side afterward, which kept me quite warm!
While waiting in hospital hallways of late, Ive felt the need to be getting my Knit on, so Im getting rid of the stash to knit some hats... 
At the moment, I need a good hat eh! Still Im in good company, and I cant knit them fast enough to keep my fingers warm...

Riding on, getting those fingers clacking!
See you next time, not sure when! :)

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