Sunday, July 22, 2012

Learning Circle

Always, Im learning.
Sometimes it can be from the smallest thing, and once you pull at it, the learning thread starts you off in a new direction. It can be big lessons, or small ones. None are insignificant, are they?
We had a great weekend together, and now the family are mostly gone again. It doesnt matter, they will be back. And they teach me a lot. About myself, about them, about their worlds. Number Two son is off doing what he loves, and has just got his first job. Hes on Cloud Nine. How he will enjoy his first pay, it will be gone in an instant, if that list he has is correct.
Im off in a new direction. Finally. Im back into the work force, a little at a time - still looking for employment opportunities that fit perfectly but Im enjoying the challenge. I have a sparkly new CV and a cover letter to play with.  If that perfect job doesnt come along, Im  happy - it means studying a little longer, but... its still learning, right? I also have taken up the challenge of group gardening. Not sure how that will go, but watch this space!
Never Too Old.

Some things I learnt this weekend in the plant world...

Plant descriptions and Meanings

Variegata - Variegated (leaf)
Scandens - Climbing
Chinensis - Chinese
Japonica - Japanese
Vulgaris - common
Rubra - red
Littoralis - shore growing
Coprosma - Unpleasant - smells like dung
Grandifolia - Large Leafed
Lucida - Shining (leaf)
Robusta - Stout
Repens - Creeping
Acerosa - Sharp leafed
Rubus - Bramble
Australis - Southern
Parvus - Small
Squarrosus - Prickly

Im sure there are others, but this is a start.

Ive also heard that a boiled infusion of  flax  root is good for settling your stomach, and that a quietening tea can be made from boiling the bark on a manuka tree... but dont take my word for it, I have not tried it... yet!
Im reading this wonderful book by Andrew Crowe...   My copy hails from the library, and its not often I take a good book to bed, but there you go... Learning!
I love it, the book on Amazon is so new and shiny. My copy is from before I was born, and is in great order, but well thumbed and it is a testament to all things 1960... I bet it has seen many gardens, been flicked through by many gardeners and referred to with great interest many times!  Ahh if a book could speak, it would tell rich tales.

Well thats me. Ive just realised the night is not so young,
and I need to get up early to crack the whip!

Love to All,
Sleep Tight
Keep Warm

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