Sunday, August 12, 2012

Banana Bread Morning - Flooding - Road Work!

Another Mad Monday morning - its bitterly cold out there, the wind is whipping through and to top it off, its raining so hard, it is flooding in some parts of poor old Canterbury.  I cant believe how many places have surface water sitting on it. The parks around Avonside are soggy and very rice-paddy field-like. The gutters are all overflowing and the cars whoosh past. I dont mind the rain, in fact, I like walking in the rain, its the bitter wind that is with it this time that makes my eyes sting! Definitely hat & boots weather! The magpies were out this morning pecking for worms, but they didnt have to try hard, as the worms had made their way out onto the concrete path. 
Despite our energetic Family soccer game this weekend, we got up early and made Banana bread. Nothing better to use up the *tired* browning bananas that noone likes!

No stiff limbs this week, just a yawn or two. It was toasty warm with the heat pump on and so banana bread just made getting up worthwhile. Little chick decided to snuggle in a bit later than usual, and it was only fleet footing that got us away on time. Cor, it was a different planet outside though... brrr.
We have a broken sewer main in the street, after another mid-street cave-in, we have our own bunch of fluro-vested Cave-in men to fix it... and their grotty caravan. It sits in the middle of the street - guess where - yeah, you got it, just opposite my drive way.

Our new purple sage
Have you been watching the Olympics? 
Its the closing ceremony today, and I think I might just get the chance to watch it. No point in going out to do much in the garden today... in fact, I see I have some surface flooding to deal with. I just might raise ducks... and if it continues, goldfish!  :) 
Tansy - the wandering companion to Raspberry

Popular Red Poppy

I have listed some more seeds, and we have made a whole lot more envelopes for the enslaught of new seeds that we are hoping to grow this season. I see the little poppies we grew last year successfully self-sowed, they were very pretty, white with deep crimson frilled edges. Fingers  xed I can get them through to seeding this year, and save some!
I have some deep purple Liriope growing now, and it will look lovely under the fruit trees.
The frilled Austrian lettuce are popping up now, and the buttercrunch are settling in. Our broad beans are almost 40cm high, and I see the boysenberry has curled itself around the stakes, so it is well over six foot tall now... gulp. Im always nervous about planting things that grow *crazy* so I hope I can contain it.

Hope youre safe and warm,
Bee Gardening Happy


  1. Kia ora, The rain, the flooding was horrible So glad it is al over and the sun has come. Love your flowers. Would love to have some poppies myself in the grden. They are gorgeous.
    Your bread looks fantastic. have a nice day.

  2. Hi Marja,
    Thank You for your message. The flooding is horrible, and now I see poor old America is having a bad time with typhoons and storms in Florida. The poppies are beautiful. I highly recommend them! They attract all kinds of attention, everyone comments on their display, and the *good* insects love them. Take care! XX