Sunday, September 9, 2012

Marvelous Monday - Sprouting Seeds!

Gorgeous high skies and a bit of that biting wind today, it was a nice day to be in the garden.
Ive separated out some raspberry canes for school, and trimmed and fed the olives. Theyre growing nicely and starting to stretch out a bit. We had a handful of olives from them this year, so next year maybe two handfuls :)

Dropped in to see how Room Twos seeds are doing. The sunflowers are up and away, most of the beans too, but not as far, and only one has not surfaced yet, and I think it might be because of the enthusiastic nature of the planting ( a little deep maybe?)

The Garden is liking this weather too, have watered the front garden where Ive sprinkled more hollyhocks, some sunflowers, calendula and some nigella. It will be colourful if it all comes together. Have been considering other annual flowers, but for now, edibles is where Im at... maybe in time I can get some wild flowers growing now that Ive got more room to grow things.

Planted some more scarlet runner beans, some broad beans, yams, potatoes, maori potatoes, and the ulluco. I hope that given a bit more growing time this year, that the ulluco will head up nicely and fatten up this season. The yams I cant wait to harvest, theyre my favourite, and the children enjoy them roasted too...

Went through the worm farm bays, of which there are three. Have two working nicely, one just needs to be seeded and it will be away too. Then I can seed the garden every few weeks with worms. Theyre multiplying really well, and I love watching their progress.

Have made silverbeet quiche for dinner, and its all gone. Yes, it was yummy, and everyone loved it.
Im so glad my children like vegetables. Even brussel sprouts...

Love to You

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