Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wandering Foxglove...

I had the devils own job being a successful bidder on my foxglove seeds, which must mean theyre pretty awesome, being so popular. I sowed some seed last year. I dont know if youve sown Foxglove, but they are  so tiny! I got 50 seeds - Pams Choice - a showy one. All of a sudden, there are no plants growing, so Im thinking my bid was a donation to the cause rather than a purchase!
Yesterday we replaced a gas bottle, and just on a whim, I went down the back of the house to see if the native plants had self seeded - it seems they like to grow in the shade, and can be transplanted throughout the garden. No - no seedlings this time. BUT. To my surprise, I see four or five rather large clumps of FOXGLOVE. Uh huh. So that ends the mystery. They didnt like it out in full sun, theyve taken up residence down the back side.

Oh Lord - the heavens have just opened and it is raining slushy hail. Very thick. A nice day to be inside. We hadnt planned any gardening today, so I will research the next few steps instead. I have two sickies at home, so its a good day to stay in! It has changed so quickly, I was just sitting here admiring the sunrise. I could see the sun creeping its way into the sky, and a bit of blue sky. Now it looks like we may get the snow promised.
Such is this transitory weather into Spring eh?

Nearly all my excess crown pumpkin seeds are gone - I think I have about six packets left, and I started with 72... So somewhere in Christchurch there are people planning Pumpkins in their gardens which is cool.

Yesterday I planted my ulluco, who probably wonder what the heck happened given todays weather :) And two rows of later yams, and another 2 varieties of potatoes. Potato salad here we come! Its a Summer favourite here.

Well, back into it I guess, dishes to do, people to fuss over, and homework to complete...
Love to You


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