Sunday, February 24, 2013

Nobody Drink My Wine...

Nobody Drink My Wine...
It sounds so wrong when your six year old daughter says it as shes going off to bed.
It isnt that bad - No, really it isnt :)
Tonight we juiced some grapes and some elderberries with some large Summer Apples. It was very purple in colour, so we added some to soda water. Yum! It isnt too bad, especially with ice! Miss six is calling it her  Elderberry Wine.

We rounded off the evening with some Banana Bread. Hot Banana bread with Elderberry *Wine* - yum!
Another Sunday evening coming to a close, and I dont appear to have achieved much. We had *The Boys* here with their noses under cars and in The Workshop. Its so nice to have some space in my garage... well, it was!. It has been a nice gardening weekend too, the kids have played outside and Mr 12 has learnt more this weekend than he ever has with anyone under a car... And hes loving it. More next weekend if the weather holds!

Have learnt so much about the tropical fish we are fish-sitting until their owner moves into his new home. We have seven large fish,(7ft tank!) two of which are very clever. Theyre Oscar cichlids, and they eat like horses! Premium food too, cunning things. They jump to get their food off my pink plastic fork if Im not fast enough, and are clever enough *seemingly* to recognize when the fork appears and wiggle at me, pleased to see me. It may be the hot pink colouring perhaps?
Theres another guy (Synodontis)  who spends half his time cruising around the tank upside down. I find him a bit worrying, theres many times I go past the tank and wait to see him move, as he plays dead very successfully!

Well back to work tomorrow, digging the school plot, then out to pot up some herbs.
Hope the weather holds, I like this time of year, not too hot!
Happy Gardening when you get there
Take care

PS Ive  made some clay seed balls this week to try... Watch this space for some feedback :)

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