Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Stitching Along!

Having a fabulous day, have just been given the bestest-ever present... A new sewing machine!
It has been a while since I did any sewing that wasn't darning or fixing, or hand sewing... This machine is a beauty and my old clanger that got rocked in the earthquake looks prehistoric beside this one that could almost make coffee...! Thank You Honey - it was a lovely birthday present.
What to sew first? Theres a few with requests, Barbie clothes, Dolls House furnishings, fishing rod carriers...  Knew my fabric stash might come in handy one day :)

Haven't been up to a lot of gardening after last week, have not had as much time on my hands to potter and get engrossed in the weeds as last year, but the garden has responded well to the mulch/composting it got just before Winter... There hasn't been the waterlogging I had previously, and the plants seem to have suffered little (so far) from Frosts and wind.

Well thats me for today, I'm off to make ice cream & eat cake with the extended family, thats an extra lap around the block for tomorrow no doubt :)

Take care & Keep Warm :)


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