Monday, April 20, 2009

Time to save some seeds...

Hello! Welcome to my Blog!
Ive been out these past two weeks saving as many different types of seed as I can. Given it is Autumn here in Christchurch, New Zealand, it is a good time to do so. Getting out and about has been good for the children, and a neccessity for Mum, because it is school holidays.

I have some flax seed (easy to find around the Avon River area) and many different types of vegetables from the garden or from Trademe auctions, some quince, sunflower, herbs like echinacea, bergamot - all dried and saved in their little (recycled) brown paper envelopes.

I also purchased from a lovely man in Burwood a lot of Aloe Vera plants that are already! having *babies*... I feel it quite appropriate that they are at that stage, given that I have just found out we are pregnant again! How exciting, Christmas will be a busy time this year!

My quest to make aloe vera healing gel for burns and abrasions means I will need a number of sizeable Aloe plants before I can start to use the gel within the speared leaves.

My inside projects at the moment include my continuing seed bank, I have about forty different types of seed collected now. Im looking for something to keep me busy inside in the evenings over Winter... so now I have a blog, which is a good start...

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