Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Aloes and All...

Hey There ;-) Ive taken a photo of the Aloe vera plants I acquired last week (its probably huge, I better check that!... no, its not now :). They are such attractive plants - their energy is gentle and soothing to me, and I keep going back into the kitchen to take another look at them. Its so surprising to me how quickly they change - there are tiny offshoots coming up all throughout the pots of the new ones.

The elderly gentleman I got the plants from told me they will be happy if I keep them in light not sun - which I had thought they would like, being succulents and me being ignorant :-) The other two plants I had were doing great at the windowsill, so I have put them alongside for now. I can see I may seriously need a plant shed/glass house *hint hint to Papa Bear*

One of my sons who is eight, helped me with making some pots out of newspaper by folding the paper around a plastic drink bottle - not bad! We have them some filled with potting mix and ready to go now - but what to plant?

Im thinking some Herbs - echinacea perhaps, (we have white and purple flowered seeds), and some cuttings - the easier plants maybe - we have some geranium that has some roots from sitting in water for a couple of weeks. Ive also got some winter veggie seeds, so away we go!

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