Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Party... The Tea Party!!

Saturday 2pm and the party began...
Arlais had opened her presents, and teddy has been her companion this week! She loves her dolly and her pony, and they are tucked up beside her in bed at night... Her teapot is going in the china cabinet for all the tea parties ahead!

We had balloons to play with, and cakes and biscuits on silver trays (Thanks Uncle Nige!) and fancy doilies and little cocktail umbrellas that adorned all the dishes. Shiny jellibeans and fluffy pink and white marshmellows... All Arlais' favourite foods!

<<< On Daddies knee, The Birthday Girl with her new headgear on, pink was definitely the colour to have...

It was a gorgeous sunny day, the kids got out and played on the trampoline... How many children can you fit on a tramp?
Arlais holding court on the trampoline. 
Playing with the new play doh in four different colours. 
 Big Brother Duncan bought Arlais some crayons and colouring in pencils and a new colouring in book
on her favourites - THE WOTWOTS - so without any further ado, they started colouring in together...

Miss Four Years Old      
Being A Birthday Girl makes for a long day...
Cuddling with Mr Winkle (Cat)
Until Next time... When Im getting back into the garden cos the sun will be shining ...(note the optimism!)
*E. Butterfly* 

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