Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Dear Arlais, Happy Birthday to you!!

I Remember When...
Four years ago, I remember the delays, the waiting, the anticipation, the delight and the tears of joy...
Today, it seems amazing it has been four years since Arlais was born...
She has been very laid back, we havent made a big fuss, as we have a birthday party planned for the weekend, and family coming to share cake and cuddles with the Birthday Girl.
Last night, I snuck in and took one last photo of my 3yr old baby girl...

This morning I watched my Big 4 yr old eating her favourite breakfast -
*Goldfish and Cornies* (Tinned peaches are known as Goldfish here!)
Strawberry Cake (dolly) had to help too... They are firm friends.

Four Years old and still so much of life to enjoy and discover...
Youre a whole bundle of mischief, fun, curiosity and little girly-ness -  
We love you Arlais, your big expressive green eyes, your giggles, the stubborn streak, your delightful smile, the way you annoy the cat, (but only out of love for her!) your caring hugs and kisses and the little random tickles, the posies of snapped off blooms *grin*, and  especially, the *Boop, Gotcha Nose* game we play... The late night stories you tell, the songs we sing together... The early mornings we have... Its all You!

Love from a Proud Mummy

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