Saturday, August 21, 2010

Time Goes By.... But this is Who I do It For!

 Wow its been a while since I last blogged...
See my babies, theyve grown up over the Winter!

 --- and BIRTHDAY TIME, is Why I love being a Mommy!!
I have to say I am lucky, my children have been healthy and are happy...SEE THOSE SMILING FACES!

Nearly time for Princess Arls to have her 4th birthday. Being the sort of little girl who zings from one thing to the next it has been difficult to get her a present we know she will love... Its been ... Play Doh, no... A Pink Bike... No, a baby Doggy (puppy?) ... no... Play Doh, .. so who knows? Im thinking the Play Doh is going to be all through the house within a week... and given it spends a lot of time RAINING still, a Pink Bike might need to spend a few weeks still in the shed, and thats no fun... so we will see.  I have to say, she is a wee cherub, yes biased I am. She still challenges me every day, I have the grey hair to prove it... Not alot, but enough for me to know *Arlais Is Here*
We are having a tea party for the Big Day - 24th - Party on the following Saturday so the extended family can join in... Very exciting --- Ladies have Tea Parties dontcha know? I hope it passes muster.

The Garden is looking very lack lustre - again, its the time of year. Dont know how they do it, those hardy little buds and tender new shoots pushing through despite the cold wet sunless days. You might call it Faith I guess. Bit like us Folk that have our Down Days. What gets us through? Faith that we will Make It maybe?... Good Old Grit and Determination my darling Mom used to call it... So Im focusing on gathering my G&D, My Faith that everything will be ok in the end, regardless of my hopeless fears or my lack of confidence in myself... I ll get there - we WILL get there! I feel like when things are leaf-less and days are grey, my own energies take a dive, so ROLL ON SPRING!!
We have lambs - doing well with the early ones... cant wait to see how many we end up with --- And Ive seen Daffodils, jonquils and narcissus, so Spring is nearly Sprung!

Weve been to the library lots this last month or so, its a real joy to bring home new CDS, DVDS as well as some awesome books... The kids have been watching some movies when its wet, like Up!, and DVDS like good old Barney and the Flower Fairies, Blaise is reading The Golden Compass, and Ive been knitting some of  Nicki Epsteins Flowers for the Tea Party Hats... Im also hoping to dive into Reconstructing Clothes For Dummies... sigh. I hope Im not too much the Dummy!!

Arlais is enjoying The Wot Wots, and loves to giggle through Ice Age, which I must say I enjoy watching too :)
Weve just discovered painting, and Blaise and Arlais spent a good two hours this morning glueing glittering and glitzing with paint...

Well, Im hoping to Blog a little more... Roll on August, September is gaining on us, it wont be long...

THIS is the photo I love the most at the moment. She never stays still for long unless she is asleep...
It is then I realise how small and delightful she really is, though I grump and growl so often. I love them, really I do!


 Signing off for Now,
E. Butterfly
~*Impatiently Praying for Patience!*~

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