Sunday, August 22, 2010

Black Pearl, Pretty Fluffy Girl!!

 If there is one spot of sun spilling onto the floor, 
a cat will find it and soak it up. 
~J.A. McIntosh
Washington arrived at our house just before Winter, fluffy and friendly, hungry and keen for smooches.
We found her out at the Clothes line, where she would come for rubs and cuddles, then retreat into the bushes, so she was called Washy (Washington). She has long fur that she keeps very clean, licking with her pink tongue, and pulling the tugs out with her teeth. It makes a funny noise, and she leaves wee balls of black fuzz everywhere
One afternoon she came inside and made herself at home, and she has never left... and she has won us over, we all love her.
She startles easily, eats almost anything now - discovering her love for cheese, pasta of any sort, and even nibbling on toast bread put out for the birds in the mornings... One night she managed to catch a mouse, which she played with all night. She ate it, and left some of it on our back doorstep so we might enjoy it too!
No thanks Wash!

She chases the loop off the top of the milk bottles, she scurries it over the floor with her paws and chases it as it slides away. Arlais loves to flick a ribbon on a knitting needle for Washington to play with. She lies on the floor and flicks it with her paws...

Ive never seen Wash move very far or fast, and she is almost always found fast asleep, in the baby bassinette in my room amongst my clothes and my cushions from my bed.

A cat improves the garden wall in sunshine, 
and the hearth in foul weather. 
~Judith Merkle Riley 

She rises at 6am and meows for the window to be open, she has a very loud noisy purr, and a tiny wee voice that does a *purripp* (cross between a meow and a purr) when she sees you. Her tail is a big bushy long one, she loves to make like a Cat Rug and stretch in the sun, all fluff and nonsense!

We love you Washington!

My Cat Friends

My home is where my feet touch
My bed is what's under me when I'm sleepy
My food is anything that tastes good.
My friends are whom I choose.

The night is my safety, the day is my warmth.
I'm proud but not vain. Simple things delight me.

I love to be loved, but love when I choose.
I adapt very quickly, but prefer my routine.
I am curious to a fault.
I am beautiful, and I'm clean, and I know it.

My soft voice can comfort, my anger is clear.
I practice my agility so none can compare.
I am what I am, and I would be no other,
I am cat! And that's that!
~ Greg Moore ~

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