Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lazy Days and Shaky Nights!

Here we are again,
Fresh & Wide Awake
on a Lazy, Shaky Sunday...
This week has gone a bit slower than the last few,
it has been nice to enjoy some normality.
Some photos...

Cracks around reclaimed land/swamp area

Traffic backed up due to detours on main roads

Going to School past houses condemned because of damage

 - Lots of Canterbury cats went missing, some never arriving home, this guy looks pensive. 
rubble piles everywhere still

cracks in concrete and paving everywhere

Tall blue skies and fluffy cottonwool clouds abound, and the signs of Spring lie blown from their branches, or standing proud on the tops of green stems. Beautiful! Such pretty scents, blown by our North West wind that bothers those with hayfever, and delights those of us who love the smell of daphne!
Weve had some rather big rude after shocks in the past few days.

Add to that constant delays, heavy traffic flow because of broken drains and detours, more structural damage to homes and minds, Cantabs are a bit fractious at the moment, and who can blame them!
Since Friday, there have been six from a size of 4+ !  In most instances, a four on the richter scale does damage in itself, and is well noted by residents. Not here so much now -Ya know, its true, you can get used to them. Some people dont, but I think we have for the most part, and I dont want that to sound like bragging...
Its just that my stomach doesnt lurch like it used to and my brain isnt so tortured. Its still scary when they linger, but meh. We got through the big one, surely we can do these aftershocks too, even if they make us a bit anxious - you cant escape!
What can you do?

Ya gotta rally - SEE Kelle's blog, I got that term from her - I LOVE her blog... Now where was I?

We are prepared mostly. 
Last night there were two fours in a row, with minutes between and that got me a bit concerned.

 Little Poppet decided to collect up her books in her Barbie back pack. She gathered (rallied?) her new baby dollies (Thanks Uncle N) and wouldnt move from the middle of my bed. We talked about our *plan*. I have a table in my bedroom, and the kids know to dive under it if the shaking doesnt stop. It is good practise just in case. We like playing outside, cos if youre outside and on the trampoline, you cant feel the shaking! YAY!
Well, once again, the drill is over - it amounted to nothing further than a few shaky moments for a couple of hours last night, and we were good to go to bed. Of course, four in the bed, and the little one had the most room...(The cat!)

Today it looks like Angels painted the sky with bold brush strokes of the most gorgeous cornflour blue, it is so blue, high and cloudless. I love these Spring days. Im a girl of Spring. Everything has its ebb and flow, and I think I like being in the balance of those two. Not too much of one or the other... Growing and Green are good, Hot and harsh, or Slow and dying, Winter and bleak days, Summer and Arid days are not me.

Find Beauty in the things around you that you love - 
Tomorrow, as Memories, 
they will be all the more important...

<<                   Flashlight at the ready! Water too             >>>
Signing off til Next time
With love, 

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