Sunday, September 26, 2010

Daylight Savings & School Holidays...

What an awesome idea, Daylight saving.
Sitting on the raised pavement beside the damaged footbridge on Avonside Drive

Like anything you enjoy, I wish it were longer!

Tonight the children and I wandered alongside the Avon river. We werent alone, this is the first weekend since the EQ that Avonside drive has been open to walk through, and this patch of beautiful weather & extended daylight has meant people in the neighbourhood were all out doing similar.
On our part, it was a little about seeing how our wee neighbourhood has fared, but also to take in the gorgeous sunset, enjoying the great weather to its very last sunbeams at sunset, which given the Daylight savings, it was an hour later - the kids love it.

Nice to catch up on progress, as this suburb has been one of the more badly damaged parts of town  still suffering since the Earthquake - residents along the riverside on Avonside Drive have lost their footbridge, and still have no sewerage in places,  port-a-loos still take their places, dotted along the landscape, like guards in guard towers beside gates.

It makes me sad to see rude slashes left by chainsaws where graceful riverside trees once stood. Some of the trees have been here for longer than the road or the housing, as in this area, Canterburys first farms were tilled long  before the very first housing was built. There are oaks from that very early era along the river, mingling now with huge tortured willows and elms that soar into the skyline. The occasional Kowhai tree adds some playful colour against the greens of the bigger trees, in Spring, and as Ive said before, when its as good as this, it is pure Beauty on the Avon!
Sunset and the pixies are out :)
We have missed the duckling season, or so we thought. Tonight we found several small clutches of just two or three ducklings, which is a joy. Theyre so cute and fluffy, we all love feeding them and watching them grow.
Its really nice to have all this good stuff happening, and be in Holiday Mode.

The children have just finished their third term at school for the year, and it is two weeks holiday until they start again. We love the break in routine, to spend mornings lazing and chatting, watching cartoons, playing in the sun, bouncing on trampoline, walking and talking, planning... Movies are on the cards, we have baking planned, and there will be the usual arguements and differences of opinion, long showers, messy floors, lots of dishes, junk food and not enough sleep...

But I have to say, I love it all.
I love having my children around me. I like them, and they make me proud.
Roll on Holidays, not too quick please, let me just enjoy watching them grow...

Signing off for now,
From My Hearth to Yours,
Earth Butterfly

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