Thursday, September 30, 2010

Old Memories, Good Memories... Making Memories...

Its been a brilliant but active, tiring day - high blue skies again, makes you feel like you walk about half an inch off the ground with your head high, enjoying the light breeze and the nodding plants - we had a family day today!

Its been a while, and it doesnt happen often that I have my gorgeous family all together. The older boys live with Dad, going to High School now on the other side of town, and we miss them. They both came for *brunch* this morning, and we had pikelets with jam and cream, and buns with cheese etc for breakfast/brunch. We went for a wander along the usual routes, ending at Woodham Park.

It was a super-sweet time, bringing back memories of other times when we used to go to the park often, when we all lived together. Blaise, the one with the longest of memories, said that being on the swings was bringing back *Old Memories, Good Memories* and ... well, there we were, making new memories... and that was so cool.

We delighted in spending time together, I watched them, camera in hand - I had warned the kids I would be in *picture* mode, and I snapped 94 pics today, most of family, some of the flora... and no, I wont bore you with them all... But here are *My People* --

Duncan is so tall now, hes working part time, and I do wish that we saw more of him, the little people love him dearly, he is their Big Bro, they respond to him mostly. Hes my first born, I love him regardless of where he is in his life... I miss the talking we share, I love his creativity, and I do wish him well in his search for His Truth.

Gordon is beginning to shine, to come into his own, and under the surly exterior, the petulance and defiance that seeps through sometimes amidst the teenage confusion, there lies the heart of a true Leo. He is an interesting mix of compassion and steel. Finding his way, as teens seem to do... He has a beautiful mind, and it is like the proverbial steel trap, once he reads something, he retains it and has the ability to recall things he may have read ages ago. It is a joy, and sometimes such an annoyance :-)

Blaise loves to swing, but prefers to be pushed on the swing, he is a joy to watch. Today he took a bread bag to collect some Acorns to plant. We like the idea of lots of Oak Trees growing, like we have at home.
When Blaise laughs, we all do. His chuckle is infectious. Easily hurt, He takes himself off into his imagination to hide his hurts, but you can see it in those gorgeous expressive eyes. He is a man of compassion, of passions and talent - of heart, and of love. He is so like his Grandmother, whose heart was full of love for others. A man of many talents, some just reaching the surface, a definite Work in Progress, bless him.

My Miss, well, she enjoys being the centre of attention amongst the lads, and they cant help but be cutesy with her, she draws them away from Other Things.
She identifies with Duncan and misses him, theyre so similar in some ways, and have a similar need to be liked, to entertain, an energy of creativity. With Gordon Arlais clashes, but in her contrary manner, she misses his gregarious nature and talks about him... wondering what he is doing, when he isnt around.  And Blaise she adores and annoys with regularity - he is so patient, and she tries him at every turn, but she loves him dearly, and they are chalk and cheese - but two peas from the same pod. She is such a conundrum, she is a girly girl, but stands up for herself if she feels the need... There is a lot of curiosity with her, and she isnt fearful of much now although she will tell you, *Im just a tiny girl*... if it suits.

Being a Mum, a Mother, a Mummy, The Mothership, has been an exciting, sometimes scary, daunting but enduring journey...
Cant wait to see how it progresses...
I love my (not-so) Little People.
Thanks for looking!

E Butterfly

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