Sunday, September 26, 2010

Scone Boy Strikes again!

Its been a good day, here at the Lazy A. The baker - or Scone Boy, as we refer to him, was up (not early) baking to his wee hearts content!
Ok he tells me he has a big heart... about the size of his biggest scone~!
Gordon *Scone-boy*
We ate bacon, cheese and onion scones mid morning, I felt like a blackbird who had gorged herself on fat worms, they were GORGEOUS - dripping with butter and big and light... yum! I cant make scones like that, so I leave it to my second-born. Hes good like that, and he will make someone a very good husband... (He mentioned hes single, but seriously, hes just 14, plenty of time for that!)

We have had a good relaxing holiday day - about an hour ago, the children found a parcel on the front door. Being home all day, we didnt hear a thing and there it was!

We are totally stoked and thrilled -- very grateful for the parcel of goodies we were given...

I gather, talking to neighbours, that most of our street received a parcel, - Bless the Salvation Army & Westpac for thinking of us, and the tireless work they do around our Community at the moment!

We will be making sure that we give back, or paying it forward, how ever we can  - we have our clothing bag ready for the Cancer society on Thursday, but Ive been thinking for a while of how I can be of service to my community.

So... Some ideas please - if youre reading this - What do YOU do for your community?
I wish my teens were more service minded, but I gather that goes against the grain - do you take your teens with you, or do they work, do things for others off their own bat?

Well, I just popped in to share our good fortune, Im going to enjoy the things we wouldnt neccessarily purchase for ourselves - bath foam & dark chocolate and Latte mix!!
 It is really nice to know that there is support, when things seem tough...

Love and Blessings
EButterfly & The 'Pillars 

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