Sunday, November 14, 2010

Silly Season Starting ... I love this time of year!

I say it every year - I wish I were better prepared for Christmas and the holiday season.
We are doing things differently this year, what with the children being older, me being slightly better prepared, and it just seems like we have more time this year to get organized.
We have been out Christmas shopping, all five of us, and what a blast.
All the secrets, the surprises, the hopes and dreams... Teaching the little people about money and budgetting, but also about the Spirit of Giving, of secretly wanting, hoping, dreaming you will get something under the tree... Of course they will, but Santa gives little presents in this house, Mum & Dad(s) do the big stuff... Seems odd to talk of Christmas when the sun shines brightly, hanging in a deep beautiful blue sky .... The roses are out, the garden has started growing nicely, and the school term is swinging towards the end. Yay!! Holidays soon.

We have borrowed a camera to list some auctions - cleaned out the Toy Box, making room - the promise of new toys :)
We have planted seeds, some marigolds and calendula, that are growing nicely. We have a great green garden of  Tomatoes, Spinach, Silver Beet, Lettuce and Beans!  The tree seedlings - Yew and Cabbage Tree, are coming away nicely. We also have a pot of rhubarb that needs taking out to the new garden out on the farm!

Our Two year old Oak tree saplings are looking great. They came through frost and dormancy fine, and are still doing well. I have transplanted two, and will endeavour to get the remainder out too, there is about forty I think!!

Oak Tree Saplings - 2 yrs old 

The driveway has beautiful Grosso Lavender about to spike

Hollyhock or Marshmellow plant?

Vege Garden, note, sticks keep away cats!

marigold seedlings, hopefully companion plants too

What gorgeous weather!
Cabbage Tree Seedling
We cant complain with the light breezes, heavenly blue sky and gorgeous sunshine. Canterbury Show Day and Cup Week has just passed, so the year is winding down - weve had a week of incredible fun and highs, and some serious, sad notes too.
Spinach and Silver beet, the favs ... yeah right Mum!
Mr EBs eldest son, Shawn passed away on Wednesday. He had been having ill health and issues related to an accident earlier in the year...
While we all know that he is in the best place after so much pain,  and he is at peace,  the hole left behind in our lives and our hearts is mammoth. What a darling, a real top guy, we all love him and will miss him hugely...  Truly hard to say Goodbye to someone when you love them with all of you, and they are such a big part of your World... He was one of *The Good Ones* and there arent enough of them left.

So that is about the state of play here at The Butterfly Place. Oh, and we have had more after shocks, ranging up to 4.9 today! It gave me such a fright, having had about three weeks of not noticing the aftershocks!!
So there you go, you can become complacent :)
We are about to do a Spring Clean so we can get the Christmas tree and the lights out, and contemplate making a show for the front street window.  This time of year is really all about family, we have started planning for new schools for next year. We have lists, of presents, of wants, of food for Christmas...
So proud of our young Mr 10 who has pushed himself to teach himself how to skip - not only has he taught himself, he has perservered and skips daily for his fitness. Now he is teaching himself how to ride his bike, there are no bounds, and Im delighted to say, he finally has hit his straps - his confidence level soared, and he is really proving to himself he CAN do things... So proud!! Cant wait til he zips around on his bike like the other boys. It makes such a difference to Summer.
And there it is again... Summer - I love that word, all the Summery things we love to do, as a family, with each other, or just in our ones and twos... Swim, Surf, Spend! Sip, Smell, Sigh... Snore!! Snack, Send, Say, Select... So many GOOD things. Loving Summer here.

Tis the season!
Til next time,
EB xxx

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