Sunday, November 14, 2010

Things Ive been making for Christmas...

A bit of a craft nut - thats me. I like to see what others do, seldom completing things myself... I have no enthusiasm to start something now,
I love seeing others projects though!
One of my favourite places is

Im a knitter, and several of my favourite places inspire me. Im fortunate that here in NZ, yarn and wool is relatively inexpensive. Being a bit of a scrooge, and choosing to recycle, I have also discovered places I can purchase cheaper secondhand wool or there is always recycled sweaters/jerseys that can be unpicked for desirable yarn to be re-used.
Ive started knitting for Christmas. Mainly for the girls and their dollies - so much easier to do when you can finish things within an hour or two, they dont take up much yarn, and dont need a lot of concentration to complete... so here we go, the photos...
These ones I intend to sell, each set takes a day to complete usually!

Some places to go, if youre a dolly-knitter like me
... not all are free, but reasonably priced, and they email you your patterns, so no matter if you are International! 
Cant be more simple, using credit card or paypal! (I am not affiliated with any of these by the way, I love pointing people in the right direction for dolls stuff!) - Barbie or 16inch Doll Patterns .PDF files - People, toys and dolls - Patterns and all kinds of handmade things! - ABSOLUTELY Awesome site for Barbie!

Well, back to the needles...
Hope all is well with You and Yours!

Take care

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