Friday, January 28, 2011

From The Height of Summer we write...Counting Blessings here!

We are in the height of Summer of course, being in the Great South, and today the Nature Goddess was making itself well known. Beautiful sun, idyllic puffy clouds, just a whisper of a breeze... and lots of ions in the air that cause those nasty headaches.
Poor Mr EB is susceptible to migraines, and this perfect weather and the nor'west winds just play havoc with his head, my darling suffers terribly. Add to that the bright sun, and it hurts the eyes, so the nearest thing to a cure is a day in bed, hiding in the dark. Not how you want to spend a day or two, but my god it takes away the ability to function... Poor Babe!
 And Whilst I lament, Ive not heard from my new gardening friends in France this week either. I do miss their emails, and I hope things will be better soon, best wishes to them!
I had wondered if they were indisposed with Winter ills, but from what I have seen and read, they too have winds, but of high strength which has in turn, knocked out their power and their cables!  Which could be okay, but of course they have very low Winter temperatures, ice, rain and snow at present, that has bought everything to a halt over there! I am thinking of them, my Dear Friends, How the Nature Goddess plays havoc with all that we do :-) Be it blessings or quite the reverse...

Ive been planting seeds tonight to put on the window sill until they sprout.
We enjoy watching their progress. We have been talking about the plans for the chook house too, hope to come up with a plan and a price for materials... All good :)
The Lazy A children are all sorted and excited about next week and the recommencing of school.
Im going to like being able to get better organized, or maybe that is just a dream I tell myself to get myself through the holidays... hehe maybe it doesnt really happen at all.... time will tell I guess :)

After languishing in a hot bath, I have been thinking about the things I have in my life that Im grateful for...
kind of  a Counting of the Blessings..

Im grateful I live simply, regardless of the stem or flow of money, life doesnt get too complicated and for that Im very thankful...
Im extremely grateful I have a beautiful, healthy family of good people learning to be better good people as they grow.
Ive just checked, and Im grateful I can spell grateful, because I did wonder if it was in fact greatful... but no, as you were... it is grateful (anal? who me?? :-)

I have a generous, loving man in my life, who puts up with alot, he truly is a blessing and I love him dearly.

My garden has saved my sanity, filled my hands, my heart and my cupboards, and it came to me very easily...
Life goes on, sleepily for the most part, but without complications 

And although I had my reservations, I do love my cats... some more than others, I never was a *cat person*
but my Persian Princess and The Rogue are my best fur-blessings!

And for now, thats me. 
Can you believe it is nearly February?
Mr EB mentioned that it was now only 11 months until Christmas... which made me cringe.
Im sure he was just trying to help me organize myself :-)
I wonder, will it work?

Love and Blessings from my Heart to Yours


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