Saturday, January 22, 2011

Go To Your Happy Place...

Its Summer - we are amidst school holidays.
So we lie-in, some times it is cooked breakfast, we walk some, we talk lots, and generally laze.
There has been reading, swimming, beach walks, sunburn, munching on treats, late nights and tiredness. But it is good.
Ive found my happy place - I wait for nightfall, and the kids are busy or asleep, and its still light until late. I love pottering, weeding, or just inhaling the night air. In my Garden.
Amazing what three or four small plots of earth can do for ones peace of mind. Pieces of Mind. One persons plot of dirt is another ones blank canvas. Im in love! I have finally found somewhere I can watch and marvel at the amazing things that happen there. The seeds, the flowers, the details, the edibles, the popping, budding, colourful, ever-changing marvels.
I think Im the only person on Earth who cant wait to see the capsicums colour-up. Or to collect seed from the Hollyhock. The tomatoes, how much fun we have locating the new fruits, yet to colour, but growing nicely amongst their lush green leaves.  I know it makes me sound crazy, if so, Im happy in my delusions. The happy heads of my calendulas, the tall stiff columns of silverbeet, and the nodding bergamot flower with its bees surrounding, send joy to my heart and I am happy. It is my Happy Place.
I have extended my garden yet again, and I have on my wish list, This garlic looks fantastic - Here, some purple beans, this gorgeous coloured poppy, or this one here, a couple of flemish poppy that are rather lovely HERE, and HERE some arnica and some borage... But for now, we are seeding onions in red and brown, some cauliflower, some cabbage and some broccoli. We also bought some of these to try HERE
How I love that the children will eat our own home-grown vegetables so readily... oh and more lettuce of course, because Im sure I have rabbits here somewhere :)
So another wavery,havery post from the Earth Butterfly...

I adore the energy my garden brings. 
Love and Blessings to You and Yours,


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