Sunday, December 26, 2010

Doing it all over again! Merry Christmas...wanna shake with that Ham?

Joy to the World, 
Mother Nature has Awoken!
Here we are, on the other side of  a very pleasant lazy Christmas day, and Christchurch city and the surrounding districts are shaking again!
In the middle of Christmas night, we woke to a horrendous shaking - not such a big one, mind. Just 4.9 the highest has been so far, but so so regular... Tonight weve had a 4.4 that rocked and rolled, and shook us nicely... Our central city is suffering building losses again, so fortunate again, that at 10.30am when one good shake bought down brick buildings, again we were lucky not to have loss of life...

Weve had 29 shakes throughout the day...  a memorable Boxing Day this has been!
Funny how, although we experienced bigger ones last time, you just get out of the way of doing the ducking, weaving and diving for cover... until you feel that first lurch or hear the crack, the rumble or it knocks you off your perch!! You sort of hover in waiting to see how long its going to take to pass, in the hope that it will indeed pass quickly, which most do... Some swing for a few minutes afterwards.
These quakes we are feeling in the Eastern suburbs more keenly this time, I think because they are shallow, and we appear to be on the immediate fault that is being affected. It is a new fault that appeared during the last series of quakes and aftershocks, but nevertheless, it has made itself well known...
So... Christmas day was low key, the children were well fillled with candy and fussed over and presented with armfuls of parcels, and they had a good day amongst it all, but today we are a bit strained, lacking in sleep, and all in all a bit stressed... Our little girl doesnt understand the shaking and demands we stop the Earthquake from hurting her... but she knows also, to keep her shoes handy *in case the earthquake visits* ... Her favourite place is the trampoline. Out there, we cant feel the swaying and life goes on as normal.
Onward and upward... I dont think we are going to lose our shaky reminders for some time... I just hope they dont escalate to devastate our world, the people here in CHCH are a mixture of fragile and fractious and tough and resigned... Im just not sure which bunch we belong to yet! Though we seem to get through it, and Im grateful we havent suffered as some have...
Our bug-out bags are packed again, the water supplies are being topped up, and the torches are handy...
And in the meantime,
Merry Christmas, 
        wanna shake with that Ham?

Be Safe
E Butterfly 

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