Sunday, January 30, 2011

Love is the Seed...

*Love is the Seed from which Happiness Grows...*

Well, I think thats a beautiful quote.
Today has been rather sleepy, the weather started the day with fine drizzle. The sun came out, and the seeds on our windowsill decided to kick into gear. Cabbage, Cauliflower and Basil seeds are looking good, all seeding...
The School Child is anxious to go back, just one more day then its off to Intermediate... The uniform is ready, and SURPRISE! He can now tie his laces like a Professional! It has taken us a while... he struggles with fine motor skills at the best of times, but tying laces when being taught by a South Paw (Left Hander) has lead to issues. Ive had to show him righthanded, and we got there in the end. So now, The Independence Begins.

The plum tree down the back of the section has created a riot. The two of them have been down there with their buckets and the rake, doing the traditional Plum Shuffle, swinging the rake up into the tree to bring down the massive plums that are just *on ripe* In a month, theyll be gone, the birds find them tasty, and the wasps like the carcasses... and by then, the kids will have *Had them Up To Here* (their chins) and had their fill...

Not alot to report on this fine Monday, just stopping in to tap out a wee post so I keep my hand in...
Did you hear the collective sighs of relief as NZ Mummies sent their babes back to school this morning? And on it will go, each morning this week, til theyre all back to regular routines... I have heard whispers of missing their children... its true!

Love and Blessings

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