Tuesday, February 22, 2011

BIG ROCKIN! CHRISTCHURCH SHAKES @ 6.3 on richter scale

We are ok - house is a bit worse for wear and we will maybe lose a wall and some other minor repairs need done... Have seen two furr babies. The other two Im not so sure, but they could be being smart and staying put... fingers xed!
We are all ok, suffice to say we are the lucky ones. There is water and liquifaction EVERYWHERE, holes and damage... fires, and really sad, disheartened people. It brings out the best in some, and the very worst in others...
House will need some tidying, but fortunately no big nasties...
Greatful for wonderful neighbours!! And for extended family for taking us in (and letting me use broadband....)
Enough for now. Its late, and my babies are scared and a bit weary.
Ive got lots of photos, will share later...

Love and Blessings.
To those who are lost, God Speed you to Peace.

Earth Butterfly.

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  1. So glad that you and yours are ok! BIL was in Chch today - hard to believe the destruction. Thinking of you!