Sunday, February 20, 2011

We are ROCKIN' Again! Christchurch Earthquake Aftershocks...

Not big 'uns, We check HERE at GEONET, but enough to let you know that Mother Earth Rules... Ok?!
Some a a rumble and a shake, some are like a quick rough shake, others a light sway... Odd and disconcerting after getting used to it not happening for a while. How quick we forget?
We have had four *small* (under 4.0) aftershocks since half past eleven last night, and quite frankly... Im over it.
No damage done here, but today is Kitchen De-clutter, a timely reminder that theres a lot of things that could be broken amongst a whole lotta things I really no longer need, or even dont use at all. Theyve gone.  Ive noticed the china moving along the shelves, so its gone too... either packed away or chucked. Just in case...Ya know - Murphys Law and all that... Just in Case!
Its quite disconcerting, wondering if theres another big one coming...
There has to be, maybe Mother Earth just wants to roll over in her bed.
Im picking, in my unscholarly manner, that next month - March, may be a very interesting time.
Im replacing our water and tucking it away, checking the bbq, getting things sorted, just in case... there we go again... Just in Case! Will.Not.Go.Unprepared.

Lots is changing, seasonal pulls and tugs, into the seriousness of Autumn. I must say, I dislike watching the throes of Autumn take hold, trees and plants shedding, dying, changing. Ahh such is life I guess, I dont have to like it, but I do have to embrace it.

Well, we are all on our way out the door to step into the garden. I have found some squirty bottles. Im thinking Water Fight. I heard on the radio this morning we are due for some showers... the kids havent seen me coming, I have showers of their very own in my mind... I of course have a bottle too. Boy its HOT :) Must go and find a bucket...

Love to all.
Having Fun in the very hot SUN~
Shaking and Rocking it~! 

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