Friday, February 11, 2011

Making a List of Things to Do... Frugal Plans

Firstly, THANK YOU Sarah at Kiwi Mummy Blogs
We got accepted to be on their blog list. I hope that will mean more views, some comments... 
Glad to be there! 
Awesome reading others blogs too!

Hmm, Got my Serious Face on tonight.
Somehow deep thinking always gives me a headache :-)
I want to start getting ahead in my plans, start targetting things, so Ive made *The List*.
I would like to move things out of town to our own land... I need some clear direction to where we are going, so Im adding things I need to do, to make this possible.
THE REALITY IS... oh I hate that phrase... but the reality IS, that it is going to take me a while to get organized... so along the way, I want to achieve some other *life things* too.

*Plant more herbs... 
*Buy Seeds Often 
*Want to make my chicken coop
*Put up some Outside lights (hehe, so I can garden deep into the night?)
*Get some timer switches for our new heaters (for Winter)
*Get rid of the Clutter that accumulates
*Down-size... Everywhere!
*Get better organized so I can cope with my financials throughout the year... We dont do too bad, but I can always do better, Im sure of it.
*Buy myself a new camera. --- really, this should be at the top of the list, Im emotionally bereft without it!
*Get guitar lessons so I can learn with Mr 10.5yrs who is learning at school
*Make myself a recipe book, somewhere all my recipes will be all together, not on pieces of paper or files on disks etc... Get it TOGETHER!
*Make a song book for Miss 4 so we can sing together, and she can learn to read too.
*Blog more... Get out More... Make more Friends... Influence More People? LOL no, its been done, but the idea is a good one!
*Buy myself a new (laptop?) computer. One that I can take to bed... town... the riverbank... etc.
*Sleep better, longer... and wake up beautiful? LOL right.
* Ressurect my massage bed so I can have clients at home again. I miss therapeutic massage...and the smell of lavender oil. Its lovely when your house always smells pleasant.

So theres some other financial stuff to add to the list, but its boring... ok, its important too, but all-in-all, I just want to downsize. I want to be able to move out of here and not take the clutter too :-) Is this possible? I guess time will tell...

Another one of my wishes for my list, is to better try to LISTEN. Im trying to understand better where my teenagers are at, and sometimes its too easy to SPEAK instead of LISTEN... I found this link, its inspirational...

So thats it! -  Friday night, and we are ensconced watching American Idol. Well, not really actually. I am on here blogging, and as I look behind me, The Lad is reading some heavy looking read by Bernard Cornwell. Little Miss Muffet is asleep. She didnt sleep well last night, and subsided early. Hmmm. I just heard an enormous yawn. hehe. It wont be long and it will be me on my lonesome...

Sleep well,
Have a GREAT weekend.

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