Friday, February 11, 2011

Choice Day Bro! ...

Isnt it good when you get something you need for less than youre willing to pay?
... Enter Trademe.
Youve got to love a good auction, when its going your way and oh my! You WIN! And a quick pick up. And a satisfied buyer and seller at the end... plus positive feedback. Well - you get it.

I lucked in today!
I got two oil fin heaters, barely used, seller is going overseas etc. For... cough. Im almost embarrassed to say... $4 a piece...
Theyll be excellent for the childrens rooms this winter instead of the old clunkers weve had. And of course now we have no  open fires and no chimneys. Oooh. Thats going to be interesting!
So Im getting organized... just a little. I dont want to scare myself, - or you, for that matter, if youre a kiwi reader, but... Its not long now til Winter.

 Had a *Choice Day* out and about with the Family.
We took off to pick up said heaters, then burled onto the beach at Spencer Park with great gusto.
It was NEAT.

My boy -  he digs those waves like an eager fish and dug for pipi or similar like he had shovels for hands. I love seeing him in his head - you know, absent except for action - there were no words, just him scurrying into the Ocean, that surged furiously. He loved it. Every minute. And he was in his own space. It had been a long week.
With unique and rare unison, Mr EB and I made a  driftwood cottage for the littlest Earth Butterfly who busied herself digging holes and making sandpiles oh, err... castles... sand castles. 

Of course I cant show you, because I lack a camera, ... Im rectifying that soon I hope.
But it doesnt detract from our gorgeous day.

The water was cold, but once your feet froze, you were right. You cant feel the cold thru the numbness :) Mr EB got wet up to his... pockets and I to my knees, with jeans rolled up to my thighs...who cares, it was all part of the fun.
And there was a cool breeze, but we werent cold, it was sunny, but not enough to burn us to a crisp... Not like last weekend... So it was Awesome!


Home and lunch, and lots of chatting and busy-ness. Now its Idol Time again, and the kids are glued. Mr EB is home on the farm, and Im catching up on the washing... Eagerly awaiting our Maryland Chicken for dinner...
Tomorrow is Sunday again. I turn around, and there is Sunday, snickering at me again. Sissy... Go on, you love me really...

Well thats me for now. Im going to start on my recipe book tonight. No, really... I am!
And Spencer if youre reading this... Somebunny loves you Baby!!

Love and Blessings.
From my Hearth to Yours!

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