Thursday, March 10, 2011

All over the Country, not just us today!!

Notice to Abandon Buildings
Well, look at this map here on Geonet.
This says it all, the wee stars on the map that usually cover our Canterbury are all over the place!
Its called sharing, People! We know how to share...
Poor Wellington must wonder if they are next on the Shaking List, given the ones they have up there lately! I can only hope its a storm (so to speak) in a teacup.
One of the Time Traps around the city - Traffic Queues.

Today was one of those low-key, catching-up days. Nice to get out and wander a little up around the Super Shed on Pages Road.
We got some crayons, some felt pens and some paper to keep us occupied. And Mummy got some good ideas for putting gardens into old baths (for some amazing reason (doh) there are a lot of old baths to recycle this week!)
Im thinking that the garden could be much better if its in old baths and easy to move along if required...
And so the planning continues. Im thinking companion planting, and some herbs, veggies and lots of colour if possible. Got to bring the light in via the plants.
Army Unimog Parked Outside our Home, the Army deliver toilets!

Still missing my friend B from down the road. We are feeding her pussycat, and have seen her once or twice, or the twitch of the bushes as she vacates the bush shes hiding in as we pass by.
A bit grey and cold today. Im wondering if this is the onset of Autumn, and the Winter isnt far away again.
Time to bring out the Winter woolies, and the knitting needles. Even the Pussy-cats seem to be eating constantly to build their Winter coats... or are they just being greedy?
Occarina refuses to move, Mr 14.5 sleeps on the trampoline, so she sleeps on him!

Well, thats about it from me. Time to eat the dinner Mr 10 is making.
It smells... well lovely, seeing I didnt prepare it... it smells like saveloys :-)
His favourite.

Love and Blessings.
Almost managed to believe we dont Shake today!

Long may it last eh!?


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