Friday, March 11, 2011

Thinking of You, Japan! Record 8.8 Earthquake plus a/shocks, fires & Tsunami

Sitting here, aghast tonight, poor Japan :(
The largest earthquake in all Japan since recordings started, 140 years ago, has hit tonight... Fires from gas lines, major damage to buildings, cars being swept away, high rise buildings damaged... and the after shocks, those poor people. And big, big aftershocks. Like our Earthquake, only many of them within hours.

Our hearts, here in Canterbury, go out to you! 

We have a Tsunami Warning in place here, and I have to say, I panicked.
I have the children up, and the car is packed, just in case. I have learnt not to toy with these things. When Mother Nature says JUMP, you say How High?... Im prepared.
We have food for three days, water for three days, a bucket, some bedding, clothes... just enough to get by until things pan out... if necessary!!! God say it isnt so, I really just dont have the strength... or do I? I will make my way out to Oxford or somewhere... tickling along amongst traffic no doubt if things heat up and we need to get out.

So we have ten hours until a wave would hit here.  The Civil Defence are updating hourly. Likely time for the first waves would be 6.14am, they estimate.
I watched in horror as the TV coverage showed the cars of people being swept away in Japan.
Lives lost? I sure hope not, but there was a lot of cars there :( I see eight people have been lost already. Bless them.
Amazing the terrifying strength of a torrent of water that just washes everything aside as it sweeps through. Some buildings fall like card houses, others hang in there... yet lie barren as everything that lies around it is swept past and away... I cannot imagine enduring the shaking for so long ( up to five minutes). It is bad enough with the ones we have had, but those poor people in the news office were just holding on as the building shook... and shook.


Mother Earth is having her heyday. I do hope she decides to curb her behaviour soon!
I see on the TV they say that the large aftershocks may continue for up to a month... and their boats and buildings just being crushed against bridges and swept away.

Kia Kaha Japan --- Stay Strong, be Vigilant, Take care of one another!!  

love from My Heart to Yours
Watching Out For You,


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