Thursday, March 3, 2011

Counting blessings tonight...

It is a quiet still night out there.
Im here by myself, which happens once in a blue moon - like never. The children decided to go for a drive back to Uncle N & Aunty Ts place. It is soooo quiet.
I had my first shower since the Quake, and enjoyed the luxury of hot water, peace and quiet and gorgeous smelling shampoo! Oh the Joy! I feel remotely human again! Gone is the grey dust that riddles everything the instant the wind blows.
Dear Mr EB bought us in a huge chocolate gateaux of all things --- Im sure its for me, but I bet I have to share (of course I will) ... It was nice to spend a day with the big guy today...We havent seen him in a while because petrol is extravagant by our means, and well, he hasnt got power at the moment due to a local fire --- all the linesmen are here in town fixing up our issues, so he has had to wait in line, and it isnt looking likely for a while. Not good!

Tonight Im counting my blessings. I have so many. Ive got a gorgeous family, all my basic needs are met, and Im healthy, as are my family. This week has opened not only my eyes Im sure... there are people out there who are digging deep, struggling to cope, using all their resources. For some Im sure its instinctual, others have learnt along the way, but it is amazing how strong the human resolve to survive is.

Having the energy to cope is one of the things I see as being a big issue in a disaster/emergency situation. I noticed that as our diet fitted what we had in our cupboards and our garden, we gained in energy. Preparation is minimal, you can eat it straight away after a quick wash - No processed food.
Vegetables straight from the garden - fresh food, high in goodies like fibre, vitamins, minerals that possibly we skip sometimes in favour of things that are quick, easy, tempting, sweet or salty...
Im planning on extending the *Green Zone* in my yard. I think I can make a big difference, and it annoys me that it took me so long to realise this. Ignorance is bliss... Self realizations are annoying :-)

Today was grocery day. Our local Pak n save was a little more alive than last time (last time we counted 8 people plus ourselves) Its important to keep our dollars, big or small, with the local vendors, and Im keen to help where I can. It isnt alot, but we need our supermarkets over this side of town, as we have lost many of the other ones. Countdown in Eastgate is closed at present, The Woolies in The Palms mall is closed... And Stanmore Super Value has gone... So that leaves our Pak n Save in Wainoni, and the New World in Stanmore Road, in Richmond. Not a lot of choice, but it is important to support them... Use it, or lose it, especially at this time.
Loving the Rangiora Express. Bless those people for the job they do, making a huge difference in peoples lives when it counts. Theres so much stress, I hear on the radio that Domestic Violence incidences rise at times like this. It is no wonder, with the loss of life, the loss of businesses and jobs, incomes and esteem, it is a torrid time. There are places who can help with counselling, if you know of people who are struggling emotionally, please please, for our children, for the spouses of these people, urge them to seek help.

Also, another place for support and a food parcel is Aranui Primary School - the ladies and gentlemen there are supportive and caring, they have clothing and shoes, books and toys too. Ladies, you can get sanitary items from these places too, nappies and formula can be found if you require them too - dont be afraid to ask, they want to help!

Loving the free sausage sizzles too - it is really inspiring to see people wanting to give back - with sacks of fruit on their front gates with FREE signs everywhere throughout the city. Bottles of water being given away, Free hand sanitizer.
See, its simple. People ARE counting their blessings. And then they pass it along - that energy is awesome and it makes a really good thing come from what was a really scary thing...

Ok, I hear the glee of small children returning home. Ooh, says One. Its really DARK! It must be past our bedtime...
It sure is Bud, and ... Mum still hasnt had that huge piece of gateaux yet :-)

Take care of Yours and You!

Earth Butterfly

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