Friday, March 4, 2011

Drumming Up Support... Acts of Kindness and DONATIONS FOR CHRISTCHURCH?

Putting it Out There...
There are some awesome things happening in our city, our country, our World. People are starting to give of themselves, their time, their *things*, supporting strangers.
Imagine if that extended across the World without reasons such as Earthquake Relief...
Awesome things could be possible.

Making it Simple 
Handing garden produce over the fence with a smile, or an invite for coffee, a plate of scones - it doesnt have to be big things, its the little things that are often remembered ... especially when they happen out of the blue at a time when perhaps there is stress...loneliness or sadness.

Here are some links to people doing good things...
If you know of others, please dont hesitate to let me know... so I can add them...

----> Will at LIFE-FIT is doing his best to help everyone he can...
Have a good look at his website HERE

---> The Rangiora  Earthquake Express are AWESOME. See them on Facebook HERE
They are taking donations of clean clothing, books and toys as well as fresh produce, canned goods and other non-perishable items...

---> Then theres the Student Army, The Cuddly Crusaders, The Farmy Army... theyre all awesome, doing a great job...

--->Aranui School has a foodbank, Seaview St in New Brighton has a foodbank (opposite the Police Station) , St Chads Church off Pages Road has a foodbank.
There are sausage sizzles in various places, fresh water in a corner of most major parks.
The Council are doing an excellent job of keeping the city as clear of rubbish as possible, distributing dust masks too, and water to those areas who need it. Fixing drains has begun, repairing roads is also being undertaken - these (mainly) men are doing hard work on the hottest, windiest, shakiest days, and some of them have come back to work after leaving their own families and homes that may have sustained loss or damage... Hats off to them and all the other men and women who go to work, leaving their own situations behind. That cannot be easy.

---> Theres doctors and medical centres open giving FREE appointments to those who need medical attention... The Woodham Rd doctors are doing this for the week, and out at New Brighton there is a clinic open for free medical checks also...

Contact Energy have extended the free LPG fills til the end of this week... They ROCK!

Air NZ have extended their $50 Flights for a bit longer too... helps people get in and out of the city cheaply.

---> Theres a mystery writer in New Brighton (still no power out there, hopefully back soon People!)
This person has been writing messages of support to residents on walls and buildings or the pavements in New Brighton, in chalk...

--->  Many Random Acts of Kindness are happening around the city... SEE HERE
Here is lovely Marie from the Salvation Army, she dropped in with a food parcel on Day Three! 

An idea concieved by Jason Gunn and his lovely wife Janine Morrell-Gunn

 The kids investigating... note Arlais sitting on the Toilet paper!
So thats it from me for today...
Again its late, and tomorrow may be hot and windy again which seems to sap the energy from us. Loving the cooler breeze!
Making plans for extending the vege garden and preparing beds over the winter for next years growing season...

So there we be...
Hope if youre from Christchurch and youre reading this, that youre sleeping well!
Not so many shakes today which made it more bearable to be out and about doing the normal stuff... Fingers crossed that it lasts!

Take Care

From my Hearth to Yours.


  1. Hey there, I am so totally amazed by our country right now. The way everyone in our gorgeous country is getting behind all you Cantabrian's is so wonderful and touching to see. I hope that all of your family and friends are all safe and well. I hope that you have lots of support around you. We are all thinking of you constantly. Kia Kaha! Oh and you guys are rocking those face masks - awesome!

  2. Thanks for that, We are very grateful for your support!