Sunday, March 6, 2011

Long Days and Rainy Nights!!

Mermaid Princess on Dolphin :)

Pre-teen Posing

Mummy & Teen :) Rare Footage!

Mr 10 peeks in Army Truck

Its Sunday again, but not so you'd know.
It seems the weeks are going by very quickly here. I thought for most of today that it was Saturday!
We have been reorganizing things inside, cleaning the floors, the shelves, and dusting off grey silty dust off everything. The heavens opened and it has been raining on and off for the past two nights. The garden loves the rain and things have picked up and started growing again... no more drooping beetroot! We have little clumps of fresh basil growing, the new silverbeet is huge now, ready for picking again! I love it - fresh vege from our own little plot! ... Even some of the beans have produced seeds for next year. Thats exciting.

Candy Floss!

Mr Whippy Icecream!
...And the Clown had PINK HAIR Mummy!
Spent the day on Saturday (Yesterday) with the children and Mr EB trying to get around to do things. It seems to take so long at the moment to travel to places, negotiating roads and planning routes. We got there in the end, and found a Kids Day at the local park. The kids loved spending some outdoor time on the playground, the bouncy castle, eating free Mr Whippy Icecream, and generally being spoiled. Arlais couldnt believe her luck when she was given some Candy Floss (spun sugar) ... And the best thing... it was PINK!

We've moved The Lad into the side room. It was formerly the front porch, but after our aftershock last night of 4.9, the piles in the back bedroom are a bit soggy. Not liking the sound it makes when you walk into the room... It was a very good shake - lasted a while and gave us all a fright. It took a while for my hands to stop shaking and my heart to settle into rhythm again! Also seemed to come from a different direction, and was centred in Mt Pleasant Road, so not too far away...

Ive kept busy trying to organize the house, clean up etc.
Also, Ive tried my hand at stewing some fruit, seeing we were given lots of it, and it just doesnt keep long in the hot weather... Im so proud, see Mr EB told me I could do it!

I should listen to him, he knows Everything yanno! :-)  And its so yummy in the mornings on cereal with milk...!

Bless Good Friends who, after a hellish week supporting each other, make dinner for you and bring it over just as you are scouring cupboards wondering *What to Make* ... Thank You Nat!! It was so nice not to have to engage my very little brain power to make such important decisions :) And we loved the quiche!!

Heres hoping that with the end of the week and the refreshing rainfall, that the next week brings good things, changes, new beginnings... lots of positiveness for the people of Canterbury, the people of Christchurch, and the people throughout the World who are finding life a bit of a struggle just now...
I know its not just local, its global...

Love to you and yours,

Spinner! Gord has last word :)

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