Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Shaking Continues - Christchurch hit with 5.1 tonight!

Here we go again...
Read about this HERE 

Just when you think its safe to get out from under the table...
It was close to us, this one. We had a small shake, a 3.0ish, and I said to The Lad, oh wow, havent had one of those for a while... So what happened? Minutes later, we both up and run for the shelter of the Table. Miss 4 was under there already, sleeping blissfully. She didnt stir. The cat was inside, and freaked. Eyes bigger than saucers, and she surfed the floor with the rest of us...
So, it was centred in Shortland Street, Aranui. The same street as Aranui High School is in. 5km down, which is quite shallow, and it was a good shake, if theres such a thing. Rocking and Rolling! Hopefully its just Mother Earth Rolling over, and shes done... comfortable for now?... A small 2.9 has just occurred too... but maybe thats a snore.
All ready to hide under the table again. 
Heartbeat is restored to an even rhythm. 
Hate those biggies!~

Happy Sunday Cantabs.
After a weekend of rain, Im hoping the week begins with some Sunshine.
Love to Y'all


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