Thursday, March 17, 2011

Prince William Arrives... Memorial Service Tomorrow... Not alot of Shaking!

Just a little post tonight.
I had it all written, photos included, all ready to push publish.
I did... and then something malfunctioned.
Sigh. I lost it all, nothing was saved. That was the Malfunction.
Life along the Avon River... Ducks, Seagulls & Blaise

Busy Day --- Crazy Shoppers out there, Christchurch seems to have come alive this week.
I cant decide why but given the empty shop shelves today, Im wondering if people are taking things seriously about the threats and prophecies about more Earthquake Action.
Seriously - Bishopdale New World this morning before noon was crazy. I know it was benefit day, which usually makes things busy, but holy moley! It was rushing and shelves were empty - super busy. Of course, tomorrow is a Public Holiday, but the shops will reopen on Saturday... honest.
There will be people coming into town I imagine, for the Memorial Service in Hagley Park tomorrow.
I will not be going. My respect and love goes to all those who were lost and their friends and families, my children dont need to be part of a huge crowd of very sad people at the moment.
Heavens above, what would happen if there were a noticeable aftershock during the Service? And given the lack of portaloos/sewerage I dont think my 4 yr old would survive 3 hours without a potty stop!
Theres a huge crowd expected, I hope the weather is good for them... not too hot, not too cold... A bit like Goldilocks porridge.

Prince William flew into town today. A busy whirlwind tour of course, as they always seem to be. He has been everywhere already, a tour of the business district in town, then off to the West Coast to visit the families of the Pike River Miners, which is good for them, after all this time, it is good to know they are not forgotten. Then hes back into town and out to Sumner tomorrow  before he attends the Memorial Service, from what Ive heard on the radio. What a busy life. Bless him for coming. It helps.

Not alot of shaking going on today. Awesome news is at Canterbury Quake Live - just eight quakes in twenty four hours which is awesome. So far, only one today - a 3.1.
Long may it last, however, the air temp out there is fresh, the sky is inky black and there is a high sky. The moon is a shave off being a full moon and theyve been talking about King Tides. Weve been here before, so fingers xed we get through it again...

The lad is still not back at school, they are on the priority list for sewerage, and we have been to see his teacher this week. She isnt bothered by the lack of academia. We have been working on some things ourselves. Mr 10.5 has been working on how many essentials for survival you can fit into a standard sized bucket. How we can waterproof matches. How tectonic plates work, where they are and what happens to us when they knock together or rub over one another... Fascinating stuff.

So thats almost  it for now -
Just one small gripe... 
If youre out there, and youre driving around town - please, please, take care and DRIVE SLOWLY. Today was hellish. People speeding where the roads are good, to save for the time they must slow down over the broken roads... and there are LOTS of them - see my photos below.

There are some- in the east, most, suburbs who have seriously damaged pipes and roading. I have such a new respect for the Roading Contractors and their workers. They are out there from very early and our roads have been repaired so quickly.
So many roads have subsided with the continual aftershocks too, which must be so frustrating for the workers that have been filling holes and ripping up tarseal to get new surfaces underway...

Have a read and a bit of a smile here - GRUMPY CHRISTCHURCH

Thinking of you,
Love to all,

E Butterfly

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