Saturday, March 26, 2011

Slowly does it, Sunday!


Had a late night last night, repacking the car, folding washing etc, so today we are off and doing with a slow start... though I see it isnt morning any more, its now almost two oclock and honestly, I admit it - Im a lazy tart! I simply cannot get out of my own way today...

Dishes are done, washing out. Sun is trying very hard to get through what looks like a very thick cloud... Some blue sky is visible, Mr 10 just asked me what I would knit with the blue bits we can see, was there enough to knit anything?
His Great Aunt used to say, when asked about the weather, If theres blue sky - enough to knit a hat with, it must be a good day! Hehe, its a family thing.

Free Coffee at the Supermarket is a good start to anyones day, though being at the S/market on a Sunday isnt my idea of fun... We were there sorting through what colour and essences to get for our Sunday Project. Mr 10 and I are going to make some play dough to keep Miss 4 busy. We decided, if we did that, she would be kept busy so we could do our *stuff*...

The school shoes are shiny after some spit and polish this morning, Mr 10 is almost ready to get back to regular schooling. I have to be honest, I will miss him, hes a darling.
I think the threat of heavy earthquakes might just escape us for a few weeks... As I write that, the desk shudders and I hear the wood creaking in the hallways as an aftershock hits. Meh. A little one, thank goodness. Ive decided, theyre not going anywhere, neither am I, so there we be, an empasse. I can live with them... if I have to, and I think we might need to.
The Earth is doing what it does, it is just a shame Christchurch city is situated right on top of where the Earth wants to do its rocking and shaking for now.
We are getting better at ignoring the routines of the Earth. Weve had a succession for the mid three to mid four range. Theyre enough to give you a fright if their onset is quite rocky, but otherwise you sit them out and breathe through it.

Thank God and the wonderful Naturopaths for Rescue Remedy and Flower Essences. We are using them at present, and Miss 4 has responded well to her *flower medicine*.

The city is beginning to show signs of progress. There are still big problems with bottle-necked traffic at peak hours, but people are working things through by making sure they check their routes before they go out... (some, not all!)
There are always going to be arrogant rude people on the roads, but most of us care... and show that by tempering our speed... or not going out at all. Im deciding not to use the car unless I have to. The biggest thing in my decision was the cost of fuel. Petrol is now $2.17 a litre. My car takes over $100 to fill, and I just dont need to do this. Everything I need is within a good walk, or if neccessary one trip a week... barring earthquakes and emergencies... I have taken to asking around before I go to the supermarket, in case others need things. We are going to car pool for school pick ups and drop offs... it makes sense.

The roads are still a myriad of bumps - mountains and craters, complete with diggers, work men, diggers, did I mention diggers?

Oh and the gorgeous big orange signs, arrows and cones... Im glad I am not just learning how to drive, Christchurch streets are confusing at the moment. I have such respect for those men who are hard at it, digging and cutting into the streets to fix the roads. Theyre awesome :)

Now, a plain and easy Play Dough Recipe ...


2 c flour
1 c Salt
1 t cream of tartar
1 T Oil
1 c water
Add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil or essence to add scent
and/or a couple of drops of your favourite food colouring in to the mix too...

Store in airtight container, lasts a couple of weeks.

Weve ended up with some banana smelling yellow, and some coconut smelling pink playdough!!

Hope your weekend is going well,
Love and Sunshine!


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