Monday, March 21, 2011

Was it really FOUR weeks ago TODAY? - One Month Anniversary -

Hard to believe that it was a month, four weeks ago today, that the Earthquake happened. Crazy how those first days were so long, everything so manual. Then there was a period of tiredness and lull, and then it sped up a little, clean up and getting sorted... Its just amazing.
How far weve come. Today, travelling through the city in search of food meant we went around the city centre. Today the cordon was opened so some people could retrieve their cars. It meant the traffic was crazy, and the sight of the broken buildings near the centre of town made us sober with disbelief. It is one thing to see the brick piles on TV, but when you see the devastation firsthand, it simply adds up. The Cost. Not only the Human cost, but the time it will take to bring us back to something. Not as it was, obviously. There is no way Christchurch will ever be the same again, but... it is exciting to ponder the possibilities of the new beginnings, the progressive changes... that will follow when the time is right.
We passed by the funeral procession of one of the ladies who was killed in the CTV building today. Many Cars followed the hearse, I feel for all the families of those who were killed. It really has been such a big event, without the loss of loved ones, and there are families who have lost friends and colleagues as well as family members, this has touched so many... I hope they have support when they need it. Sunny days when theyre ready for them, love and cuddles if required...
The sun made an appearance today.
Weve had quite determined rain for a couple of days, but it was nice to see some sunlight, heat and somehow things seem happier. Theres been a few little aftershocks, nothing much here, but I see on Geonet the wee stars are everywhere again, signalling other earthquakes in other parts of our beautiful country. Today, Tauranga was the lucky city...
We are put on notice, I think.
No more Mrs Mother-Earth Nice-Gal. Its about Change.
Now we live in a country that is going to shake. We have to learn to deal with it, to live with it, and endure through it. Things are just not going to be as easy as they were, but with our experiences and our knowledge at the forefront, we will do okay.

Thank God for Spongebob and The Simpsons.
The kids have really enjoyed watching the cartoons this week...
Hoping things are happiest where you are.
Love and Light,
Take care of You and Yours,

PS Glad to see, the BIRDS are BACK in my yard, eating BREAD and chirping beautifully!

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