Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Day Out in the City and Surroundings, Lest We Forget...

Soldiers wearing their black berets and ANZAC poppies can be found all around our city at present. Busy, proud and helpful, friendly smiles from most seen today, and willing to chat, answer questions, generally make you feel at ease.
Makes you feel proud to be a kiwi.
Certainly proud that we have an Army who cares about its general population.
Talking to these young people makes you realize, for most, theyre glad to be able to help where they can... some have been here since the very first days and weeks after the EQ - some from as far away as Northland. Many talk about the family they have living here in CHCH or the friends they know from *Back on Base* from Christchurch... Good on them all, I say.
Theyre full of compassion  and I think we love having them here, if only the circumstances were different...

Entrance to High Street - Road Closed
Anyhoo - we were out and about today. Ive taken some photos to show you the devastation. And Im not being *down on it* Seriously. Take a look - if I didnt know differently, I would wonder which street I was looking down. Im not a Cantab by birth. I dont know the city streets as if I were bought up here, Im an Otago Girl... but c'mon... I had to ask Mr EB, is THIS Colombo Street?

Colombo Street - almost unrecognizable from the road

Looking down a street that you know people lost their lives in, is taking me back to those first hours on that very day. Too wrapped up in my own family, their lives, our lives... it is so hard to register what they went through.

A Floral Tribute left at the base of the Cordon on Colombo Street in Central City
Part of the process of understanding the depth of suffering and  grief. The photos and images come to the fore, and honestly, we were so lucky... and it registers that sentiment over and over.
WE WERE LUCKY, so lucky. To those whose lives are not the same since that day, my heart goes out to you. I now see some - such a little part- of what went on in the city. Scary stuff. And the Change that is occurring to the city we knew... Constant change - the landscape, the people, the outcomes...

ST Asaph Street, one of the many *holes*in the buildings where shops used to be.

Our day actually started with a few laps of the wargaming tables at the National War Gaming Convention at the Woolston Working Mens Club.

Awesome stuff, lots and lots of people (men mostly, me and Miss 4 and one other Wargaming Widow were present this morning) and ... well, it still amazes me that you get such amiable groups of men who guffaw and banter, debate and hassle each other and yet always go back for more... Where were they all when I was looking for a suitable mate back in the day? ... Im guessing they were all inside, happily painting models, throwing dice and building the most amazing scenery and props for said games... If youre creative at all, youll appreciate the time and dollars that goes into some ... no, most, of the pieces. Not only do they touch up the most teeny tiny of models in the shapes of men, horses, and some of the most amazing (some mystical and two headed) creatures, they make fantastic replicas of buildings from all kinds of  time periods, in all manner of repair (some bombed or shot up by cannon fire) ... Amazing stuff.

downstairs next to where Adam and Eve were

upstairs next to where Adam and Eve were

The right side of Colombo Street. Note how less damage there seems  when you look at first.

Someones Thoughtful Tribute on the Cordon Fence in Colombo St

oophs tilting street signs everywhere!

Signs on Local business windows

The Christchurch City Council Buildings

Autumn Colour in the leaves, City Centre

Dance of the Road Cone... Popular in our City!

Autumn Leaves in city gutters
 So then, it was on into town, having a quick look then on we go, to let the kids spend their Easter Egg Dosh. Done...and Dusted. Easy when they have Super deals at Pak n Save that leaves their bags groaning with chocolate eggs (creme eggs 2 for 99c!!) and theyre happy for the rest of the weekend.

Have to say, there seems to be an *air* around, that feels Earth Quakey. I sure hope Im wrong. Tomorrow Im going to spend the day sorting out the Bunker :)
Spent the week chasing my School Holiday Tail, and finding it nowhere... I think sometimes Im not versed in organizational skills when I have three children at home. They seem to make far more mess than two... Half way there though, so fingers xed next week goes nice and quick so we can get back to *normal patterns*

Ok so thats it for today.
Now tomorrow is Sunday, its Easter AND Anzac Day so dont expect big things... Dawn Service? Or Lie in?Tea? or coffee?... sunshine (hopeful) and some chocolate...lots of chocolate?

Loving This,
All the VERY Best,

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